The following FAQs are for the on-line controller app for Daikin Emura


When I change a setting on the smartphone application, it is not immediately reflected to other smartphones running the Daikin Online Controller application.


When I change a setting on the smartphone application, the unit does not respond immediately.


I receive an error message with error code “10000”. What does it mean?


The programmed timer action is not executed at the programmed time.


I cannot add actions to the timer, the “+” button is not available. Why?


How can I add more than 1 indoor unit to the same out-of-home account?


I forgot the child lock code. How can I reinitialise the adapter?


When trying to make a direct connection to the adapter ([AP] mode), the adapter is not visible in the available Wi-Fi networks list of the phone/tablet.


How can I re-initialize the WLAN adapter to the factory default settings?

FAQ 10

My device has a double square on the label, what does it mean?

FAQ 11

I cannot connect the WLAN adapter with my network.

FAQ 12

I do not succeed in connecting the adapter to the wireless network by using the “WLAN settings” menu.

FAQ 13

My native language is not supported by the Daikin Online Controller application. The default language is English. Can I set the application to another language without having to change the language of my smartphone?

FAQ 14

When I’m connected out-of-home, I cannot change the units settings. An error appears: “The unit cannot be operated at the moment because it is being operated by another user. Please wait a moment and try again.”

FAQ 15

When I’m connected out-of-home, the child lock function is not working.

FAQ 16

I have multiple adapters in the same wireless network. I do not know anymore which WLAN adapter is matching with which unit on my Daikin Online Controller smartphone application.

FAQ 17

I cannot access “WLAN connection”, “Out-of-home”, “Child lock” or “Time” settings for my WLAN adapter.

FAQ 18

How does the WLAN adapter synchronize the time and date?

FAQ 19

I cannot set the advanced network settings. The “set” button is not available.

FAQ 20

I cannot enter an out-of-home password during the out-of-home configuration.

FAQ 21

On some screens, the text size seems too big, causing text to disappear from the screen.

FAQ 22

My device has a dustbin on the label, what does it mean?