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Icebar by Icehotel

Icebar by Icehotel, in Heddon Street



Tom Davey, of AC Direct Ltd, who carried out the installation, said: “Once our client saw the potential energy savings of the Daikin Zeas system, he was so impressed that he asked us to extend the installation to include other areas.”
Alex de Pommes, Icebar’s Director, said: “We had been meaning to upgrade our heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems in our restaurant and Icebar for a while. Ascertaining the correct comfort levels for our customers in the restaurant was of prime importance and had to be balanced against energy loss from the large open entrance doors.
This challenge, combined with the constant heat gains in the carefully maintained -5ºC atmosphere of Icebar, led us to work very closely with Daikin UK to design a controlled installation for the whole venue which will lead to heat recovery savings of over 50% by using new technology.”

Why Daikin

Project was Design & Build and Daikin were introduced to the client by our Contractor, AC Direct Ltd

General information


The Icebar


  • Restaurant


  • Air conditioning
  • Air curtain
  • Control
  • Hot water
  • Refrigeration
  • Ventilation

required a refrigeration system for cooling the bar area to preserve the ice sculptures within a -5ºC ambience


refrigeration system was required to work in conjunction with a total climate control solution that would provide air conditioning, heating and ventilation to the bar, restaurant, kitchen and washroom areas.

Daikin contact

Nicola Mowatt - Daikin UK (Marketing)



Product name: Zeas


  • Refrigeration
  • VRV

Units overview

2 x Refrigeration ZEAS units; 1 x VRV Heat recovery outdoor unit with hot water production; Biddle Air curtain; Ventilation: VAM to provide tempered fresh air and free cooling when available

Construction information



Added value

Daikin initially quoted for the refrigeration but when the end user saw how much saving and how energy efficient it was he expanded it to include other areas

Partner Information

Building owner

Alex De Pommes, Director of Icebar – 07971 831656


AC Direct Ltd

Tom Davey, 07973 731743