The Boston Mayflower

The Boston Mayflower

Space-saving heating boost for Boston bungalow

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A 50m2 semi-detached bungalow in Leverton, near Boston, Lincolnshire, boasts the first installation of a space-saving heating and hot water solution from Daikin UK. It was scheduled to have its inefficient solid fuel boiler replaced with a regular Daikin Altherma low temperature heat pump installation when the new alternative became available.

Space-saving heating boost for Boston bungalow

Keen to explore new possibilities in renewable heating – in line with its affordable warmth strategy – social landlord Boston Mayflower welcomed  the opportunity. The installation consists of a standard 6kW Daikin Altherma LT Split outdoor unit – but it is connected indoors to a floor-standing integrated hydrobox and 180-litre stainless steel hot water cylinder. 

Tony Glover, project manager, Boston Mayflower

“We are currently switching about 28 properties a year to renewables – particularly in outlying off-gas areas like Leverton where oil and solid fuel are no longer  affordable  options. Properties are selected for upgrading according to the age and condition rating of their existing heating systems. Introducing developments such as renewable heating means that we, as social landlords, can keep our properties acceptably up to date and in good condition. It also means we can offer tenants a healthy and comfortable environment with affordable energy bills.”

Old coal shed becomes new airing cupboard

The hydrobox contains all necessary hydraulic components and a heat exchanger that transfers energy from the refrigerant circuit to the wet circuit serving the bungalow’s new radiators and the primary coil in the DHW cylinder. The Leverton installation is designed with a flow temperature of 45oC, with the back-up heater increasing the DHW temperature to 60oC when needed. Installer Aaron Petts of Aaron Services, Boston, says: “The integrated unit has been installed at the rear of the bungalow in the former coal shed which now doubles as the airing cupboard. The cylinder in the old airing cupboard was redundant, so it’s been removed and the space has been turned into additional storage.”

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