Historic Cornish Cottage

Historic Cornish Cottage

Cornish mill conversion upgrades to latest air source heat pump

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An historic Cornish cottage in the outskirts of Penzance has its roots in the 16th century. Some of the technology in use when milling ceased more than a century ago remains in place as a quirky reminder of the past – and provides a sharp contrast to the newly-installed 21st century heating technology.

New owners of the L-shaped cottage, off the gas grid, have had the existing oil-fi red heating and hot water system – and its ugly oil storage tank – removed in favour of the latest in air source heat pumps to guarantee year-round hot water and ample heating, whatever the weather.

Cornish mill conversion upgrades to latest air source heat pump

The unit features a sleek new casing design with a black grille, a single fan for quieter operation and a double-injection compressor.

“Our son, is in the renewables business, so was able to advise us on our options – and ensure that we would be getting the best performance and value for our money. He was also able to advise us on the available government support for changing to renewables. The installation went smoothly. The onset of winter has allowed us to put the system to the test and we have had no cause for complaint.”

Homeowner, Colin, a business consultant, says the case for changing from oil to air source heating was strong.

From the outside, there is little to show that the cottage has ‘gone green’ – the outdoor unit of its new 18-class R32-based Daikin Altherma 3 H high temperature heat pump is out of sight at the rear of the building. 

Just a short 3.5 metre pipe-run away, the 16-class wall-hung indoor unit is housed in a utility room – along with a 250-litre Daikin hot water cylinder serving kitchen, bathroom and two other shower rooms.

The 16-class indoor unit is compatible with outdoor units of the 14,16 and 18 classes.

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