Synecore installs the first of Daikin’s VRV IV i-Series integrated plant


Food retail refurb

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Healthy fast food restaurant chain Leon’s new premises in London’s Fenchurch Street needed air conditioning to ensure year-round comfort for customers and staff. But, like many urban retail sites, space was at a premium. In fact, there was no suitable outside space – either  in a back alley or on the roof – for bulky condenser units. This presented a challenge for M&E contractor Synecore, which has provided HVAC design and installation for Leon sites for several years, with the majority of the projects in London. A timely solution for Fenchurch Street was the newly introduced VRV IV i-Series from Daikin UK.

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Daikin’s unique system is installed entirely indoors with only simple grilles visible from the outside – and these can be discreetly disguised within  existing architecture, or with signage. Not only is the new system quiet and more aesthetically pleasing, it is also quicker and more cost effective to install, as the unit has two elements. The ducted heat exchanger fits in a ceiling. Its V-shaped heat exchanger and high performance fan offer higher air flow and static pressure, thus resulting in high efficiencies. The compressor element is compact and can be installed in an office, store room, kitchen or technical area. 

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VRV i-Series 

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Synecore’s HVAC Manager, Gary Piper, says: “At Leon Fenchurch Street, you will not see any external sign of the system, as it is concealed by a glass canopy.”  There are two Daikin 5hp i-VRV systems – one for the restaurant area and one for the kitchen. The compressors are in an understairs  cupboard. Use of the easy-to-install VRV IV i-Series meant the restaurant was able to open ahead of schedule. Being installed indoors and in two parts, the i-Series has less pipework – and no need for cranes or sound insulation. Systems support up to 10 VRV indoor units. An 8hp system is also available.

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