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Climate360 Activate

Fixed-cost installation and aftercare


For security that lasts

Climate360 Activate helps you commission and optimise your systems, offering total price transparency, end-to-end service, and easier-to-manage budgets.

At Daikin, we’re the only air-conditioning manufacturer in the industry that also produces refrigerant gas, via Daikin Chemicals. So if you’re looking for security of refrigerant supply, we’re uniquely placed to help.

Our Climate360 Activate service includes initial refrigerant supply, system charging and commissioning assistance, all for a flat rate, giving you total transparency – and helping with that all-important budget.

It also ensures the supply of both reclaimed R410A (to AHR700 standards) and virgin R32*  refrigerant at a fixed rate, for hassle-free protection from fluctuating prices.

*Supply of virgin R32 will be available soon

Why Climate360 Activate?

We’ll supply your reclaimed R410A refrigerant, charge your system and commission your control systems on site, and carry out operation testing and validation – all for one cost-saving flat fee.


Commissioning and setup support for R32 VRV systems.


Stable refrigerant prices mean you can plan your budgets more effectively, for a prosperous tomorrow.


The refrigerant we supply is reclaimed and certified to AHRI700 standard. So you can expect identical quality and performance as virgin refrigerant, but with a lower environmental impact – and zero impact on F-gas quotas.

Start quoting our Climate360 Activate service today

We can include any of our Climate360 packages in your VRV quote with no obligation, so you can simply decide later if it’s the best option for you.

For protection from fluctuating prices, call us for a personalised quote.