Daikin Altherma troubleshooting for homeowners

My heating and hot water has stopped working but there is no error message?

  • If the clocks have been adjusted for daylight saving time (end October) please click here for guidance on how to reset your time clock
  • If the problem persists please contact our Heating Contact Centre


My remote controller shows a blank display?

  • Check your main switch board to ensure the circuit breaker is switched on.
  • Check isolator is switched on (located next to outdoor unit).
  • If the remote controller is still blank please contact your installer/maintenance company.

The sanitary water cylinder is not heating?

  • Make sure isolation switch is turned on (located next to sanitary hot water cylinder). Check to see if the shower head is displayed on the controller. 
  • If yes, water should be in heating process. 
  • If no, push shower head button once to activate. 
  • For powerful sanitary water heating, push and hold shower head for 5 seconds.  Your booster heater symbol and shower head symbol should flash simultaneously.


The sanitary water is not hot enough?

  • Check to see if the sanitary water heating timers are set correctly. 
  • Using your shower head up and down button check the sanitary water set point (set point is your desired storage temperature)

The space heating temperature is not hot enough?

  • Check that your room thermostat is set above the room temperature.
  • If the red light is illuminated on the top right of the controller, using your temperature up and down buttons the flow temperature can be adjusted.


The red light on my controller is flashing?

  • The Daikin Altherma unit has a fault diagnostics please check the left hand corner of the controller for a fault code and contact your installer with this code.