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Working together towards net zero by 2050

The era of fossil energy is coming
to an end

The UK Government is targeting net zero greenhouse gases by 2050. In the Committee on Climate Change’s report “Net Zero – The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming”, it recommends a new emissions target: net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050 in England, net-zero greenhouse gases in Scotland by 2045 and a a 95% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050 in Wales.

However, this will only be possible with the introduction of clear, stable and well-designed policies to reduce emissions further across the economy without delay, as current policies won’t even succeed in hitting the existing target of reducing greenhouse gasses by 80%. The report estimates that funding for switching homes to low-carbon heating must increase from £100 million in 2018 to £15 billion!

For the domestic heating sector, the new greenhouse gas reduction targets mean that gas heating for new houses will be banned by 2025. That gives us only five years to create the energy for change to transform our house building industry! And it means that by 2025, all new homes will have to have an alternative form of renewable heating. So the opportunities for heat pump installers are massive!

Focused on climate from the start.

Daikin has more than ninety years of experience in the field of heat pumps, heating and air conditioning. Innovation and sustainability are central to the entire history of our organization, with a focus on climate.

Our global vision is provide new value to the world through air and the environment. We promise to have respect for our environment, to optimise the use of resources and to ensure that customers can depend on Daikin for the ultimate in comfort, so that they are free to focus on their own working and home lives.

Warmtepomp die bijdraagt aan een significante reductie van de CO₂-uitstoot van kantoorgebouwen, hotels en winkelpanden
Daikin Altherma

Always looking for improvements

Sustainability is a priority in all our innovations. In the 1950s, for example, we developed our first heat pump that contributes to a significant reduction in CO₂ emissions from office buildings, hotels and retail properties.

At the time of the oil crisis, we were the first to enter the market with an energy-efficient VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) system, and in 2007 we introduced the Daikin Altherma domestic heat pump; a fully electric alternative to central heating boilers.

Every product that we develop is more efficient than its predecessor. We set the bar high, formulate our own sustainability objectives and conform to all targets imposed by the EU and UK government.

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