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We’re all doing our part to live more sustainably. Maybe you’re using less plastic, recycling more or driving a hybrid. And, with gas boilers banned in new homes from 2025, it’s time to make a positive change within your home.

By making the switch to heat pump technology, you’ll enjoy a warm home and save money, all while reducing your carbon emissions. Daikin heat pumps operate almost silently, with their sleek, modern design making them the perfect fit for any home.

Kickstart your change today, to build a better tomorrow for everyone.

Together, we can all do the right thing: for people, the planet and our future.


Daikin: Creating the Energy for Change

We’re leading the charge by powering the UK’s transition to low carbon heating. And we’re doing it by sharing our technology and our years of climate solutions expertise.

Heat pumps weren’t always a viable alternative to central heating. But with the evolution of technology and the Government’s focus on our transition from gas heating to low carbon heating, heat pumps are becoming the preferred, sustainable solution.

Our mission is to empower homeowners like you. Because when you’re well informed, you can make your own positive, eco-friendly choices to help change the world for generations to come.

Everything you need to know about heat pumps

Top 5 facts you should know about heat pumps

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How does it work? Is it noisy? How much does it cost? Find the answer to your most common questions, and read more about the different types of heat pumps we offer.

How an installation works

Installing a heat pump is a specialist job, but there are Sustainable Home Installers across the UK who can help. Find out more about the process, and what you can expect.

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Want to save money when switching to an energy-efficient heat pump?

It's easier than you think to make your change for good.


Changing how we think about our climate and energy usage

The science on climate change is very clear: human activity has already led to our entire planet warming by 1°C. We need to take swift action to slow down the rate of global warming, and reduce the impact of crises like rising sea levels, crop failures and loss of biodiversity.

This change is already beginning. The UK Government has set a target for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To help us reach this goal, gas heating for new houses will be banned by 2025. More and more homes will rely on electricity and renewables for their heating and hot water, and this mass transition to low-carbon heating must happen before 2030.

It’s an immense challenge. But together, we can all make the changes we need to achieve our ‘electric future’.

What else can we do?

As homeowners, we need to improve our energy sustainability. And luckily, there are a few simple ways to take the first step.

  • Draught-proofing your home will not only keep you warmer, it will keep your home’s temperature regulated, year-round
  • External and internal insulation can both help to keep your home comfortable, no matter the season
  • The Committee on Climate Change advises setting your thermostat no higher than 19°C for families, and 21°C for the elderly/vulnerable
  • They also suggest keeping your water temperature in your heating systems no higher than 55°C It’s easy to be economical with our heating during the summer.

But when the Autumn nights draw in, we increase the thermostat and our fuel bills go up. Now is the perfect time to think carefully about how you heat your house.

Making the switch from a central heating boiler to a heat pump is a sustainable choice, and increases the energy rating of your house. Our heat pump check only takes a few minutes, and helps you discover the energy-saving solution that’s best for your home.

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How does a heat pump work?

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