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Ready for the future

It’s time to change for good 

We’re facing the greatest challenge in modern history 

Our climate is in crisis. Global average temperatures are rising. Human activity has caused global warming of 1°C across the planet. And it has an impact on every single us.

From the erosion of our coastlines, to record-breaking temperatures causing fires to burn across moorlands for days on end, we’re already seeing the effects of global warming in the UK. The past few years alone have seen farms scorched by heatwaves causing catastrophic crop failures, and devastating infrastructure damage brought by flooding and rising sea levels.


But it’s not too late to make a change.

Our global mission is to limit global warming to below 1.5°C. That way, we can significantly reduce the risk of these catastrophic climate events.

In 2019, the UK became the first country in the world to enshrine into law a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. And to achieve this goal, we all need to play our part.

And we can make changes. We can switch to electric vehicles, divert more waste away from landfill, support reforestation and change our farming practices. We can improve the efficiency of our buildings and deliver crucial energy savings, while reducing our emissions.

Low carbon heating is a vital part of this transition. Gas heating for new homes will be banned from 2025, and instead, renewable energy-powered heat pumps will be used. For existing homes not connected to the gas network, potentially using oil or LPG, a heat pump can provide a completely renewable solution. And for properties using gas, a hybrid system is the first step to making a positive change.

We can all play our part in reducing the impact of climate change.

How we can create the energy for change


Setting targets




Changing legalisation


Low carbon future

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Hafod Caves 930x870.jpg

Hafod Caves

Renewable energy solves key heating issues in a Welsh valley cottage, when an oil fired heating system was replaced with a Daikin Altherma High Temperature air-to-water heat pump that’s largely powered by solar energy.

Kings Park Village street 710x460.jpg

Kings Park Village

Some like it hot – especially when a heat pump cuts energy bills. Owners of a two-bedroom park home on Canvey Island, Essex, replaced an electric boiler with a Daikin air source heat pump, slashing their energy costs by more than 40% and saving around £65 a month. On top of that, they are getting around £600 a year from the government’s domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

Banner Image.jpg

Cawsand Bay

Efficient, eco-friendly heating for luxury Cornish beach homes. Nine luxury holiday homes on Cornwall’s Rame Peninsula are geared up for year-round comfort with effi cient and economical Daikin Altherma air source heat pumps to provide warmth when necessary and ample hot water whatever the weather

Daikin Fishlake 0002.jpg

Fishlake, Doncaster

Upgrading from an oil-fired boiler to a Daikin Altherma High Temperature heat pump split system gave a Yorkshire homeowner a more environment-friendly heating system and greater comfort. The heat pump solution for space heating and domestic hot water from Daikin eliminates the cost of oil – and any risk of supply difficulties or oil thefts – and opens the door to the government’s domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (dRHI). 

Croakers Hatch 930x870.jpg

Croakers Hatch, Southampton

Manor view is high-tech temple of heat pump technology. Leading South Coast plumber Kevin Watts recently put the finishing touches to Manor View, a 10,000 square foot dream house near Southampton – with a mixture of high and low temperature heat pumps plus air conditioning units from Daikin UK to ensure it stays warm in winter and cool in summer. 



Hybrid system provides better environment for Dorset family. When Amy Swayne-Shaw’s old gas boiler became noisy and costly to run, she decided to look at alternative heating solutions. Instead of choosing a straight boiler replacement for her 73m2 three bedroom semi-detached house in Gillingham, Dorset, Amy decided on a renewable heating solution: the Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump system. The system, combining a high efficiency gas combi boiler and an air-to-water heat pump, keeps the house at a comfortable temperature and provides hot water for the family on demand. 

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