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Discover how you can change the energy you use to heat your home - and reduce your environmental impact

Why a heat pump?

How does it work? Does it make any noise? What does a heat pump cost? Find out how a heat pump works and the different types available. You can read all about our heat pumps here.

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Is your home ready?

Do you have the energy for change? Discover if your home is ready to make that change. Find out in a few minutes if your home is suitable for a heat pump and which solution is best for you.

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Look to the future

What does the future of energy look like? If homes in the future don’t use gas for heating, what does that mean for me? Big changes are coming in the way we heat our homes.

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A heat pump installation

Installing a heat pump is a specialist job, not a DIY project! So find out how to find an installer and what to expect from the installation of a heat pump.

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Changing the way we think about the climate and energy usage

The climate affects us all. The science on climate change is very clear: human activity has already led to global warming of 1°C and swift action is needed to slow down the rate of warming, to reduce climate risks like sea level rises, crop failures and loss of biodiversity.

To achieve this, the Government is targeting net zero greenhouse gases by 2050. This will be a massive challenge demanding all kinds of changes to an ‘electric future’. Gas heating for new houses will be banned by 2025, so more and more homes will rely on electricity and renewables for their heating and hot water. It is estimated that funding for switching homes to low-carbon heating must increase from £100 million in 2018 to £15 billion! And this mass transition to low-carbon heating must happen before 2030.


What can you do about this?

As homeowners, we need to improve the sustainability of our homes, by increasing energy efficiency and insulation. The Committee on Climate Change advises thermostats should be set no higher than 19°C and the water temperature in our heating systems is no higher than 55°C. Of course, it’s easy to be economical with heating during the summer, but as soon as the Autumn nights draw in, we switch on the heating and fuel bills go up… So it’s a great time to think carefully about how you heat your house. Switching from a central heating boiler to a heat pump is a sustainable choice and also increases the energy rating of your house.

Do the heat pump check and find out in a few minutes if your home is suitable for a heat pump and which solution is best for you.


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Heat pumps since 1958

You may never have heard of Daikin. After all, we don’t make cars, TVs, fridges or washing machines.  But we do make world-class heat pumps and have been producing air source heat pumps since 1958.

Air source heat pumps do not extract their heat from the ground (like ground source heat pumps) but are highly efficient at extracting latent heat from the outside air – even when it’s below zero outside!

Sustainability is in our DNA and we aim to be at the forefront of technology, innovating constantly to achieve top performance and share our knowledge and information about energy efficient heating solutions.

Daikin supports the climate ambitions of the government in the transition towards low carbon heating in the UK and aims to partner with governments, installers, consultants and consumers to help provide the much needed energy for change.


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Daikin provides the Energy for Change

Why are focusing on creating the energy for change to low carbon heating in the UK? Not primarily to sell heat pumps. But because we have many years of experience in the field of climate solutions and energy efficient heating. For many people in previous years, the heat pump was not yet an viable alternative to the central heating boiler. However, now that the Government is focused on switching from gas heating to low carbon heating in our homes, heat pumps are becoming much more relevant as a long term, sustainable solution for your home and we are happy to explain what the possibilities are. We believe that if you are well and fully informed, you can make better and more sustainable choices. And your decision to change to greener heating for your home will help change the world for generations yet to come.



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