Homeowner support

We want you to be able to depend on Daikin for the ultimate in comfort, so we offer dedicated support lines and a range of maintenance packages, together with a trusted network of skilled service engineers to help you get the most from your Daikin system. 

Homeowner support contact centres

Whether you need detailed product information or have questions about your system, our dedicated homeowner support contact centres are here to assist you.

Maintenance Packages

At Daikin, we offer a range of annual maintenance packages for our Altherma and Hybrid systems

Daikin warranties & Stand By Me login

Please check your installer has registered your domestic end user warranty. If not, you can still register now by visiting StandByMe our online warranty registration platform. 


Running Cost Considerations

The heart of your central heating system is a highly efficient Daikin Altherma heat pump - and should be an economic alternative to a fossil fuel heating system. If you are experiencing high running costs, this could be due to many factors.

User Guides

Daikin offers a range of User Guides to help you understand how to operate your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

From understanding how your unit works to general upkeep and care, our FAQ page gives all the answers to our most frequently asked questions.


If you suspect a gas leak call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999

Don't smoke or strike matches.

Don't turn electrical switches on or off.

Do put out naked flames

Do open doors and windows

Do keep people away from the area affected

Do turn off the control valve at the meter if you can

Do go outside of the property for your own safety