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Summer is almost here

The rise of hybrid working means that people are spending more time in their homes than ever, and a comfortable climate is a top priority – making this the perfect summer to grow your residential heating and air conditioning business.

By joining Daikin’s Sustainable Home Network, you’ll get trained to install our residential heat pumps for FREE and benefit from access to warm leads in your local area – giving you more flexibility and rising demand.

By becoming a Daikin installer, you’ll fit industry leading heat pump systems that provide your customers with the ultimate in comfort, efficiency and control. What’s more, you’ll have access to dedicated technical support for total peace of mind.

At Daikin, we understand how hard you work and how important your heating and air conditioning business is. That’s why we’ve created the Sustainable Home Network. It gives you access to the best training, products, marketing materials, business support, and qualified sales leads via our Lead Management Tool. You can also benefit from valuable business rewards, including vehicle livery, workwear and branded merchandise. 

We hope you will take this opportunity to join the Sustainable Home Network and build your sustainable business future with Daikin.

Register for FREE residential heat pump training

Split and multi split web based course

The Daikin Split & Multi product Web based training course comprises of 4 modules with an introduction and final assement. It takes approximatly 2-3 hours to complete.

  • Split and Multi Split Product Range (Outdoor) module will provide you with information about the outdoor Split and Multi Split range and the key features of the products. 
  • Split and Multi Split Product Range (Indoor) module will provide you with information about the Split and Multi Split indoor range and key features. 
  • Split and Multi Split Installation module will provide you with information about the installation of the Split and Multi Split and key considerations.  
  • Split and Multi Split Commissioning module will provide you with key commissioning considerations for Split and Multi Split systems.