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Reduce the carbon impact of HVAC systems and build on your client relationships for the long-term, through our award-winning Partner with Confidence programme.

Current estimates predict global temperatures will rise by 3oC by the end of the century. But we need to restrict this warming potential to just 1.5oC if we want to mitigate the most serious risks of global warming. 

And the energy, construction and HVAC industries have a huge role to play in achieving this target – by moving away from F-gases.

When you Partner with Confidence with Daikin, you join us on our mission to be part of the climate solution. By using Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant and reducing the environmental impact of HVAC systems, you can start building a more sustainable future, today. 

Discover our award-winning programme.


Why Partner with Confidence?

  • Increase the lifetime of HVAC equipment
  • Reduce waste and lower your environmental impact
  • Claim extended warranties on your clients’ HVAC systems
  • Multiple benefits for one flat fee

When you Partner with Confidence, you choose a more secure future. 

That’s the security of a team you can trust. Security in our always-transparent pricing. And the security of an environmentally responsible, future fit outlook.

We’re confident in the power of our technology, as some of the highest-quality, most reliable and most efficient on the market. And to ensure you share that same confidence with us, we’ll support you and your customers throughout our technology’s lifetime – in other words, for an entire generation.

It’s time to build a partnership with promise.

Read on to explore the components of our program, or discover more in our brochure, 

Our award-winning program

The Partner with Confidence program brings together a number of Daikin’s most successful initiatives into one complete offer. It means you’ll benefit from a business partnership that rewards loyalty and offers true long-term value to your business.

We can include any of our Partner with Confidence packages in your VRV quote. Visit our dedicated service pages to find out which are best-placed for you.


Find out which service is right for you:

Reduce your environmental impact without compromising on quality.

Fixed-cost installation and aftercare support, for confidence that lasts.

For complete cover and peak performance on every HVAC installation, from one lifetime to the next.

With cost savings and rewards on offer, discover why it really does pay to recover refrigerant.

Reducing environmental impact with no compromise on quality

At Daikin, we’re already achieving a circular economy of refrigerants. In fact, we first introduced the use of reclaimed refrigerant to VRV IV+ systems and VRV IV S-series units during production in 2019, avoiding more than 300,000 tons of CO2eq from being generated in the production of virgin refrigerant.

Our vision

  • To promote energy efficient technologies and energy management solutions
  • To adopt refrigerants with lower global warming potential, such as R32, and develop next-generation refrigerants
  • To recover and reclaim more refrigerants which are currently in use
  • To reduce the environmental impact of materials throughout the entire lifecycle of our products – from procurement and manufacture to recovery and reclaiming

Together we can be part of the climate solution.

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We can include any of our Partner with Confidence packages in your VRV quote with no obligation, so you can simply decide later if it’s the best option for you.

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