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L∞P by Daikin

Think circular, and lower your environmental impact for good

Design your system with complete confidence when you choose Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant through the L∞P by Daikin programme

We all know the benefits of a circular economy when it comes to eliminating waste from our supply chain. Now, it’s easier than ever to make a positive choice and create more sustainable air conditioning systems, with L∞P by Daikin.

Through the L∞P by Daikin programme, we recover used refrigerants from existing systems via our installer network. Instead of letting used refrigerant become waste, we upcycle and reclaim it to virgin quality, before allocating it to new VRV systems to be sold across Europe. 

When you choose certified L∞P by Daikin VRV units, you benefit from the same high performance and quality from you expect from Daikin. 

You’ll be making a clear choice to support the supply of refrigerant from a more sustainable sourceavoid the carbon emissions generated from producing virgin gas, and ease pressure on the F-gas quota.

Because we can all become part of our climate solution.

Design your system with confidence.


Why L∞P by Daikin?

  • A more responsible, energy efficient and sustainable solution for your HVAC systems
  • Eliminate waste from your supply chain and minimise resource depletion
  • Guaranteed by an independent audit process, our reclaimed refrigerant meets the exact same quality standards as virgin refrigerant: AHRI700 certified to virgin R410A quality
  • Guaranteed zero F-gas quota impact 
  • For every certified L∞P by Daikin unit on the market, 100% equivalent reclaimed refrigerant is used in our Daikin factories

At Daikin, we’re already achieving a circular economy of refrigerants. In fact, we first introduced the use of reclaimed refrigerant to VRV IV+ systems and VRV IV S-series units during production in 2019.

Now, we’ve taken the step of expanding our circular economy even further, so you can Design with Con­dence, with L∞P by Daikin. The quantity of reclaimed refrigerant we allocate to these units avoids more than 250,000 tons of CO2eq being generated each year from virgin refrigerant production.

The program leverages the entire Daikin infrastructure, and that of our business partners across Europe, in a perfect example of what we can achieve with a circular economy.

Reducing environmental impact with no compromise on quality

Add L∞P by Daikin to your service today. 

We can include any of our Partner with Confidence packages in your VRV quote with no obligation, so you can simply decide later if it’s the best option for you and your customers.

Be part of the climate solution, and call us #### for a personalised quote.


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For complete cover and peak performance on every HVAC installation, from one lifetime to the next.

Reduce your environmental impact without compromising on quality.

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