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Reclaim with Confidence

Save up to 70% of time and costs on refrigerant reclaim

With cost savings and rewards on offer it really does pay to recover refrigerant


Throughout the lifetime of any VRV installation, there may be times that repairs, maintenance or replacements are required – and ultimately, any piece of equipment will eventually reach the end of its lifespan. 

Now, you can minimise the time it takes to recover refrigerant responsibly when you Reclaim with Confidence.

Reclaim with Confidence is a fixed fee service that saves almost 70% of time and costs when it comes to on-site repair and equipment recovery. And, what’s more, we ensure refrigerant is recovered for reclaiming – all completely hassle free

What’s more, as part of the Daikin D1 installer network, we’ll make a payment into the D1 installers’ Business Development Fund based on the quantity of R410A refrigerant reclaimed. 

You can even claim the cost of the Reclaim with Confidence service from your Business Development Fund by completing a claim online at d1.daikin.co.uk in the usual way, to boost your cost savings even more. 


Why Reclaim with Confidence?

  • Practice more sustainable business and ensure refrigerant is reclaimed to the highest quality standards for reuse
  • It’s quicker, easier and more cost effective to recover refrigerant, with the equipment used by our partner, A-Gas Rapid Recovery, able to reclaim 34kg of refrigerant an hour
  • Compared with the cost of renting cylinders for recovering refrigerant, returning used refrigerant to the wholesaler and labour costs, it costs less than a third as much to Reclaim with Confidence instead
  • The service can be arranged for all refrigerants – i.e. R410A, R407C and many more – and the refrigerant is guaranteed to be recovered securely and reclaimed to AHRI700 standard for future use 

How reclaiming works with Daikin and A-Gas Rapid Recovery

  • Log onto the D1 portal and click on the 'Reclaim' tab. 
  • Complete the online order form, giving details of the site and an estimate of the refrigerant type and quantity. The price for the rapid recovery service will depend on the plated volume of refrigerant indicated in the system
  • The completed form is automatically sent electronically to A-Gas Rapid Recovery. They’ll contact you directly to agree a time and date for the site check (if required) or to go ahead directly with the recovery
  • On the day, A-Gas Rapid Recovery will meet your team for a site induction, bringing with them the cylinders needed for the quantity and type of gas on your site
  • Set up includes wheeling the reclaim rig into position, rolling out the recovery hose up to 250 feet and connecting recovery lines, before the rapid recovery machine recovers refrigerant at around 34 kilos an hour
  • Once all the refrigerant is recovered, the system is sealed and made safe before A-Gas Rapid Recovery pack up and leave
  • On completion, a certificate will be emailed to you recording how much refrigerant has been reclaimed, so you can present it to the site owner

Add Reclaim with Confidence to your service today. 

We can include any of our Partner with Confidence packages in your VRV quote with no obligation, so you can simply decide later if it’s the best option for you.

For quicker, easier and more cost-effective responsible refrigerant reclaim, call us for a personalised quote.

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