Service with Confidence

Peak performance and reduced risk
from one lifetime to the next

Certainty is a rare commodity right now. But when you choose Daikin heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions backed by our Service with Confidence package, you’re choosing certainty, now and for the future. 

For the lifetime of your system and beyond, we can take care of everything for you – from a guaranteed sustainable supply of reclaimed refrigerant, to remote monitoring and proactive maintenance, plus responsible recovery of components when it’s time to renew. 

So you can be sure system performance is optimised and running costs are minimised, while delivering on your organisation’s sustainability goals.

That’s Service with Confidence.

Three tiers of service. A lifetime of assurance

With cover available in three tiers, unexpected breakdowns and bills are a thing of the past. Simply enjoy the highest standards of care and peace of mind, guaranteed.

Essential Service

Includes the most fundamental cover you might need, with a 7-year warranty on every Daikin VRV system. It’s much-needed peace of mind for one transparent cost.


Enhanced Service

Not only will you benefit from a boosted 10-year warranty on every Daikin VRV unit, you’ll receive annual energy reports as standard, helping you keep a closer eye on your unit’s running costs and performance. Plus, our remote monitoring and commissioning service is there to offer long-term reassurance. 

Ultimate Service 

For complete protection from unexpected costs, repairs or breakdowns, our Ultimate Service includes our remote monitoring service, annual energy reports and diagnosis and troubleshooting packages, plus our gas supply* and Reclaim with Confidence service as standard. This package includes the industry’s longest warranty terms – up to 15 years. For true end-to-end lifecycle management.

Ready for hassle-free VRV?


Why choose Service with Confidence?

  • Always transparent pricing – no nasty surprises or unexpected bills
  • Guaranteed supply of Certified Reclaimed Refrigerant** throughout the lifetime of every Daikin VRV unit***
  • The environmentally responsible choice – even more so than units using R32 refrigerant with low global warming potential
  • Extended warranty terms of up to 15 years so you can enjoy an expertly maintained, high-performing system throughout its lifetime
*Refrigerant gas is provided by Daikin during standard service and maintenance activities. If refrigerant gas is required for other reasons (see detailed T&Cs) then refrigerant gas is provided at a fixed £/kg, published at the start of each year.
** Up to 15 years
*** Available through our Ultimate Service package