Gas condensing boilers

Gas condensing boilers

Our Daikin gas condensing boilers use innovative technology to provide you with reliable and energy efficient heating and hot water.

High energy efficiency

Classified with an A energy efficiency label, Daikin's wall mounted condensing boilers are equipped with a smart controller that automatically adjusts the boiler's heat production to further optimise its efficiency. Increase your energy efficiency for hot water by adding solar panels.

high energy efficiency solar panels

Easy and affordable installation

With few parts to assemble and easy installation, our gas condensing boilers are ideal for renovations and replacing old boilers. Each compact boiler integrates seamlessly with your existing piping and radiators.

Our most popular gas condensing boilers

GCU compact

GCU compact
  • For heating and hot water 
  • Perfect combination of a condensing boiler and ECH2O (logo) thermal store, (fresh water principle)
  • A++ energy efficiency label for hot water and A energy efficiency for heating 
  • Optional solar support 
  • Compact size

Wall mounted gas condensing boilers

D2CND gas condensing boiler
  • For heating only or for heating and hot water
  • A energy efficiency label for heating and hot water
  • Connects to underfloor heating and radiators
  • Compact size


  • D2CND & D2TND: Daikin's first in-house produced wall mounted gas condensing boiler
  • GW Top Grade: optimal efficiency for high-end customers and markets
  • GW High Grade: entry level product ideal for new customers and markets interested in an initial investment

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