Specifications Table for BRC1E53A

Casing Colour   Fresh White
  Button cover   No
  Operation LED Colour   Green
Dimensions Unit Height mm 120
    Width mm 120
    Depth mm 19
  Packed unit Height mm 55
    Width mm 160
    Depth mm 150
Weight Unit kg 0.200
  Packed unit kg 0.415
Packing Material   Carton
  Weight kg 0.05
LCD Type   Full dot (160 x 255)
  Dimensions Height mm 43.2
    Width mm 68.85
  Back light Colour   White
Ambient temperature Operation Min. °C -10
    Max. °C 50
  Storage Min. °C -20
    Max. °C 70
  Ambient temperature-=-Relative humidity <-=-% % 95
Wiring connections Type of wires   Sheathed vinyl cord or cable
  Size mm² 0.75, 1.25
  For connection with indoor Quantity   2
    Remark   P1-P2 wired connection from indoor unit
  Wiring length Max. m 500
Back-up for power failure Yes (The clock will keep functioning for a period not exceeding 48 hours)