Cooling capacity Sensible capacity Nom. kW 7.83
  Latent capacity Nom. kW 4.27
  Total capacity Nom. kW 12.10
Heating capacity Total capacity Nom. kW 13.50 (0.000)
Power input - 50Hz Cooling Nom. kW 0.35
  Heating Nom. kW 0.35
Power input - 60Hz Cooling Nom. kW 0.35
  Heating Nom. kW 0.35
Casing Colour   Unpainted
  Material   Galvanised steel
Dimensions Unit Height mm 300
    Width mm 1,400
    Depth mm 700
  Packed unit Height mm 355
    Width mm 1,620
    Depth mm 900
Weight Unit kg 45
  Packed unit kg 53
Required ceiling void >-=-mm mm 350
Heat exchanger Inside length mm 1,140
  Outside length mm 1,140
  Rows Quantity   3
  Fin pitch mm 1.75
  Passes Quantity   11
  Face area 0.383
  Stages Quantity   16
  Empty tubeplate hole Quantity   0
  Tube type   ø7 Hi-XSS
  Fin Type   Symmetric waffle louvre
Fan Type   Sirocco fan
  Quantity   3
  Air flow rate Cooling High m³/min 39.0
      Low m³/min 28.0
    Heating High m³/min 39.0
      Low m³/min 28.0
  External static pressure High Pa 200
    Nom. Pa 50
Fan motor Quantity   1
  Model   Brushless DC motor
  Drive   Direct drive
  Speed Steps   9
    Cooling High rpm 1,218
      Low rpm 920
    Heating High rpm 1,218
      Low rpm 920
  Output Max W 350
Sound power level Cooling dBA 66
Sound pressure level Cooling High dBA 40
    Low dBA 33
  Heating High dBA 40
    Low dBA 33
Refrigerant Type   R-32, R-410A
Piping connections Liquid Type   Flare connection
    OD mm 9,52
  Gas Type   Flare connection
    OD mm 15.90
  Drain   VP25 (I.D. 25/O.D. 32)
  Heat insulation   Both liquid and gas pipes
Drain-up height mm 625
Decoration panel Model   BYBS125DJW1
  Colour   White (10Y9/0.5)
  Dimensions Height mm 55
    Width mm 1,500
    Depth mm 500
  Weight kg 6.5
Air filter Type   Resin net
Safety devices Item 01   PC board fuse
    02   PC board fuse (fan driver)
    03   Drain pump fuse
Control systems Infrared remote control   BRC4C65, BRC4C66
  Wired remote control   BRC1D528, BRC1E53A7, BRC1E53B7, BRC1E53C7
Standard Accessories Screws 16
  Washer 8
  Hose band 1
  Drain hose 1
  General safety precautions 1
  Installation and operation manual 1
  Wire for common power supply 2
  Sealing material (drain hose) 1
  Sealing material 2
  Thermal insulation tube (liquid) 1
  Thermal insulation tube (gas) 1
Power supply Phase   1~
  Frequency Hz 50/60
  Voltage V 220-240/220
Notes_Description See separate drawing for electrical data