Specifications Table for FDQ-B / RQ-BW1

FDQ125B8V3B9 / RQ125B8W1B
Eurovent Sound power level indoor Cooling Nom. dBA 75.0
  Piping length Cooling Measuring condition m 7.5
  Sound power level outdoor Cooling Nom. dBA 67.0
Cooling capacity Nom. kW 12.5 (6)
Nominal efficiency Annual energy consumption kWh 2,395 (0.000)
  Energy labeling Directive Heating D
  Nominal efficiency-=-Cop 2.61
Piping connections Liquid OD mm 9.52
    Quantity Flare connection
  Gas OD mm 15.9
    Quantity Flare connection
  Drain OD mm 26
    Quantity Hole
  Heat insulation Both liquid and gas pipes
Heating capacity Nom. kW 14.6 (7)
Power input Cooling Nom. kW 4.79
  Heating Nom. kW 4.51
Notes Sound pressure level is a relative value, depending on the distance and acoustic environment. For more details, please refer to the sound level drawings.
  The sound power level is an absolute value indicating the power which a sound source generates.
  Sound values are measured in a semi-anechoic room.
  Heating capacity is only applicable for combination with heat pump outdoor unit
  In case of drain piping for the outdoor unit, a drain piping kit (option) is needed.
  Cooling: indoor temp. 27°CDB, 19°CWB; outdoor temp. 35°CDB; equivalent piping length: 7.5m; level difference: 0m
  Heating: indoor temp. 20°CDB; outdoor temp. 7°CDB, 6°CWB; equivalent refrigerant piping: 7.5m; level difference: 0m
  Nominal efficiency: cooling at 35°/27° nominal load, heating at 7°/20° nominal load