Poff (Off mode) W 15.0
Cooling Psb (Standby mode cooling) W 15.0
  Cooling-=-Cooling cdc degradation cooling 0.25
Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825) Cooling Pdesign kW 6.00
    Annual energy consumption kWh 376
    Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Cooling-=-Seasonal efficiency according to en14825 cooling energy efficiency class 5.58
    D Condition (20°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 2.28
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Cooling-=-D Condition (20°C - 27/19)-=-Eerd 11.00
    C Condition (25°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 2.84
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Cooling-=-C Condition (25°C - 27/19)-=-Eerd 7.12
    A Condition (35°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 6.00
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Cooling-=-A Condition (35°C - 27/19)-=-Eerd 3.00
    B Condition (30°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 4.42
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Cooling-=-B Condition (30°C - 27/19)-=-Eerd 4.73
  Heating (Average climate) Annual energy consumption kWh 1,728
    Pdesign kW 4.80
    Required back up heating cap at design conditions kW 0.68
    Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-Seasonal efficiency according to en14825 heating average climate scop a A
    TBivalent Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 4.25
      Tbiv (bivalent temperature) °C -7
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-TBivalent-=-Copd declared cop 2.22
    C Condition (7°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 1.65
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-C Condition (7°C)-=-Copd declared cop 4.91
    TOL Tol (temperature operating limit) °C -15
      Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 3.91
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-TOL-=-Copd declared cop 1.81
    A Condition (-7°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 4.25
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-A Condition (-7°C)-=-Copd declared cop 2.22
    D Condition (12°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 1.95
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-D Condition (12°C)-=-Copd declared cop 6.12
    B Condition (2°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 2.58
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-B Condition (2°C)-=-Copd declared cop 4.11
Cooling capacity Nom. Btu/h 20,500
  Min. kW 1.7
  Nom. kcal/h 5,160
  Max. kW 6.7
  Min. kcal/h 1,460
  Min. Btu/h 5,800
  Nom. kW 6.0
  Max. Btu/h 22,900
  Max. kcal/h 5,760
Pck (Crankcase heater mode) W 0.0
Nominal efficiency Annual energy consumption kWh 995 (0.000)
  Energy labeling Directive Heating B
  Nominal efficiency-=-Cop 3.02
Heating Heating-=-Heating cdh degradation heating 0.25
Piping connections Liquid OD mm 6.35
  Gas OD mm 12.7
  Drain OD mm 18
  Heat insulation Both liquid and gas pipes
Heating capacity Min. Btu/h 5,800
  Nom. Btu/h 23,900
  Max. kcal/h 6,880
  Max. Btu/h 27,300
  Nom. kW 7.0
  Min. kW 1.7
  Nom. kcal/h 6,020
  Min. kcal/h 1,460
  Max. kW 8.0
Pto (Thermostat off) W 42.0
Power input Cooling Min. kW 0.440
    Nom. kW 1.990
    Max. kW 2.400
  Heating Max. kW 2.810
    Min. kW 0.400
    Nom. kW 2.040
Cold season included Yes
Current Nominal running current (RLA) - 50Hz Heating A 9.4 (2), 9.0 (3), 8.6 (4)
    Cooling A 9.2 (2), 8.8 (3), 8.4 (4)
Notes EER/COP according to Eurovent 2012, for use outside EU only
  Nominal efficiency: cooling at 35°/27° nominal load, heating at 7°/20° nominal load