Specifications Table for RDXYQ-TA

PED Category   Excluded from scope of 2014/68/EU due to article1.2 f
Dimensions Unit Height mm 397
    Width mm 1,456
    Depth mm 1,044
  Packed unit Height mm 1,245
    Width mm 1,604
    Depth mm 470
  Ducting Height mm 298
    Width mm 1,196
Weight Unit kg 103
  Packed unit kg 123
Packing Material   Carton
  Weight kg 4.9
Packing 2 Material   Wood
  Weight kg 14.0
Casing Colour   Unpainted
  Material   Galvanised steel
Heat exchanger Type   Cross fin coil
Fan Quantity   3
  Air flow rate Cooling Nom. m³/min 100
Fan motor Quantity   3
  Output W 500
Sound power level Cooling Nom. dBA 81 (4)
Sound pressure level Cooling Nom. dBA 54 (5)
Refrigerant Type   R-410A
Refrigerant oil Type   Daphne FVC68D
Piping connections Drain OD mm 32
Standard Accessories Installation and operation manual 1
  Drain hose 1
  Screws 1
  Tie-wraps 1
  Hose band 1
Power supply Name   V1
  Phase   1N~
  Frequency Hz 50
  Voltage V 220-240
Voltage range Min. % -10
  Max. % 10
Current Nominal running current (RLA) - 50Hz Cooling A 4.6
Current - 50Hz Minimum circuit amps (MCA) A 7.0
  Maximum fuse amps (MFA) A 10
  Total overcurrent amps (TOCA) A 7.0
  Full load amps (FLA) Total A 6.6
Wiring connections - 50Hz For power supply Quantity   3G
Notes Nominal cooling capacities are based on: indoor temperature: 27°CDB, 19°CWB, outdoor temperature: 35°CDB, equivalent refrigerant piping: 5m, level difference: 0m. Data for standard efficiency series
  Nominal heating capacities are based on: indoor temperature: 20°CDB, outdoor temperature: 7°CDB, 6°CWB, equivalent refrigerant piping: 5m, level difference: 0m. Data for standard efficiency series
  Actual number of units depends on the indoor unit type (VRV DX indoor, etc.) and the connection ratio restriction for the system (being; 50% ≤ CR ≤ 130%).
  The sound power level is an absolute value indicating the power which a sound source generates.
  Sound pressure level is a relative value, depending on the distance and acoustic environment. For more details, please refer to sound level drawings. Nominal air flow rate, ESP 60 Pa.
  Refer to refrigerant pipe selection or installation manual
  In accordance with EN/IEC 61000-3-12, it may be necessary to consult the distribution network operator to ensure that the equipment is connected only to a supply wih Ssc ≥ minimum Ssc value
  Sound values are measured in a semi-anechoic room.
  Contains fluorinated greenhouse gases