Extensive factory installed feature package for high installation flexibility and easy servicing


Product Features

  • Easy to install ‘plug and play’ concept; no additional piping is required since this is a packaged unit
  • Highly efficient ERP compliant models, meeting the latest eco-design requirements
  • Up to 4 possible sides can be selected on site for both return and supply air connection (front, left, right, bottom)
  • Lastest pCO5 controller allows direct integration with Daikin BMS, or third party BMS via BACnet or Modbus
  • Factory pre-charged refrigerant ensures a very quick installation and reliable & efficient system operation
  • Standard integrated high efficiency inverter controlled EC plug fans, providing up to 300Pa static pressure
  • Clogged filter alarm indicates when filter requires cleaning, improving air quality and efficiency
  • Minimized delivery lead time thanks to stock availability


  • Scroll compressor

    Scroll compressor

    Scroll compressors consist of two scrolls, one is fixed while the other orbits eccentrically without rotating. Designed for small and medium capacities, they provide constant reliability and high efficiency throughout its service life

Technical details