Specifications Table for LCBKQ-AV1

Refrigerating capacity Low temperature Nom. kW 3.35 (1)
Casing Colour   Ivory white (Munsell code: 5Y7.5/1)
Dimensions Unit Height mm 480
    Width mm 680
    Depth mm 310
Weight Unit kg 47
Compressor Number of revolutions rpm 6,540
Fan Type   Propeller fan
  Air flow rate Cooling Nom. m³/min 1.6
Operation range Ambient temperature Max. °C 43
    Min. °C -15
  Evaporator Cooling Max. °CDB -20
      Min. °CDB -45
Refrigerant Type   R-410A
  GWP   2,087.5
Power supply Phase   1~
  Frequency Hz 50
  Voltage V 220-240
Notes (1) - Evaporating temp. -35°C; outdoor temp. 32°C; suction SH 10K; saturated temp. to discharge pressure of booster unit -10°C
  (2) - See separate drawing for operation range & capacity tables
  (3) - Install the oil trap per 5m from the outdoor unit
  (4) - Its functioning relies on fluorinated greenhouse gases