Specifications Table for UK.MC55W

Type Air Purifier
Application Floor standing type
Casing Colour   White
Dimensions Unit Height mm 500
    Width mm 270
    Depth mm 270
Weight Unit kg 6.8
Applicable room area 41 (1), 82 (2)
CADR m³/h 320
Air purifying operation Power input Turbo kW 0.037
    M kW 0.015
    L kW 0.010
    Silent kW 0.008
Sound pressure level Air purifying operation Turbo dBA 53
    Medium dBA 39
    Low dBA 29
    Silent dBA 19
Fan Air flow rate Air purifying operation Turbo m³/h 330
      Medium m³/h 192
      Low m³/h 120
      Silent m³/h 66
Dust collecting method Electrostatic HEPA filter
Deodorizing method Flash streamer + Deodorizing catalyst
Safety devices Item 01   Safety switch (Operation stops when the Streamer unit cover is open)
Standard Accessories Remote controller 1
  Remote control holder 1
  Electrostatic HEPA filter 1
  Deodorising filter 1
  Operation manual 1
Power cord m 1.8
Power supply Phase   1~
  Frequency Hz 50/60
  Voltage V 220-240/220-230
Running current Air purifying operation Turbo A 0.32
    Medium A 0.14
    Low A 0.10
    Silent A 0.08
Notes (1) - The applicable room area is appropriate for operating the unit of maximum fan speed (HH). Applicable room area indicates the space where a certain amount of dust particles can be remover in 30 minutes. (JEM 1467)
  (2) - Converted to NRCC standards from test values in accordance with JEM1467.
  (3) - Converted to CADR standards from test values in accordance with JEM1467.
  (4) - Operating sound levels are the average of values measured at 1m away from the front, left, right and top of the unit. (These are equal to the values in an anechoic chamber)
  (5) - Electrostatic HEPA filter is attached in the unit.
  (6) - Other function: Active plasmation function. Auto-restart function.