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Product info

heating and hot water
Dimensions indoor unit (hxwxd)
590x400x256 mm (12-24 kW)
Sound pressure (outdoor unit)
Energy label heating
up to A
Domestic hot water temperature
up to 65 °C

The ideal replacement for existing boilers

Connects to existing piping and radiators using the natural gas network or natural gas storage for quick and easy installation with minimal fuss

Couple cuddling and relaxing on their couch while checking Daikin Altherma on a tablet in perfect temperature

Seamless and smooth operation

The highly efficient and regulatory combustion process within this unit results in long-lasting performance and helps reduce harmful emissions

Couple having a pillow fight in their comfort climate bedroom

Manage your heating and hot water from anywhere

Manage your heating and hot water from anywhere using the Daikin Onecta app on your smartphone or tablet. Create schedules, track usage and more.

Man using the Onecta app on his smartphone