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Win tickets to the amazing BBC Earth Experience 

Enter the competition to win a fantastic day out for four, courtesy of Daikin UK.

Travel the seven continents

Without needing a passport! Experience Asia, South America, Antarctica and more, all from the comfort of The Daikin Centre.

Suitable for every audience  

Perfect for audiences of every age, featuring stunning animal life and nature videos in a 360-degree audio-visual experience. 

About BBC Earth Experience

BBC Earth Experience is a ground-breaking London attraction offering visitors the chance to experience the extraordinary diversity of our seven unique continents, on the most epic scale featuring bespoke narration from David Attenborough. 

BBC Earth Experience showcases footage and music from the BBC television series Seven Worlds, One Planet, projected on massive multi-angle screens using the very latest digital screen technology. It’s an immersive encounter that will blow you away!

The Daikin Centre

Daikin sponsors the venue of the BBC Earth Experience, and both hold sustainability at their core. 


The Daikin Centre, based in Earl’s Court, West London, has been designed to have the lowest possible carbon footprint. And Daikin is helping to achieve this through the installation of our low-carbon climate control systems. Engineered to minimise environmental impact, they also deliver the highest levels of comfort and healthy indoor air for every visitor.

Daikin Altherma Heat Pumps

Daikin’s award-winning range of Altherma heat pumps provides an eco-friendly heating solution that’s better for the planet, and your pocket. Quite simply, heat pumps are the future of home heating.


Did you know that a heat pump can save you up to £3,000 in energy bills, compared to a gas boiler? And it will significantly reduce your carbon footprint too. In fact, switching to a heat pump is as good for the environment as ditching your car, or going vegan. 


Plus, there are some great government incentives to help you offset the initial cost and installation. Both the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) in England and Wales, and the Home Energy Scotland (HES) scheme will give you £7,500 to make the switch to a heat pump. 

Enter the competition

For your chance to win four tickets to the BBC Earth Experience, just answer this simple question and complete the online entry form:


How much can a heat pump save you in energy bills compared to a gas boiler? 

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About Daikin UK

In order to meet the UK’s target of net zero by 2050, switching to sustainable energy is critical. That’s why Daikin is leading a heating revolution to help people reduce their carbon footprint. Daikin is committed to providing UK homes and buildings with the most efficient and safe solutions to meet all of our cooling and heating needs, today and in the future.

Quite simply, our products help people reduce their carbon footprint and their personal impact on the environment. Together we can be part of the climate solution.