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Enjoy clean, healthy indoor air this winter

Air purifiers don’t just help reduce the symptoms of hay fever and allergies, they can also help combat flu and colds, as well as filtering out Covid viruses.

Flu season is just around the corner...

and we’re all worried about bringing viruses into the home. But, with the help of a good quality air purifier, you can breathe easy. 


An air purifier is a must-have home addition for the winter season. It can break down respiratory viruses and reduce the symptoms of people allergic to mould and dust. It’s the simple way to make your indoor air healthier, and help you stay fit and healthy throughout the colder seasons.  

*Source: “Study report on the inactivation effect of plasma ion generator (Daikin Streamer) on SARS-CoV-2” redacted by Shigeru Morikawa, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Microbiology Course, Okayama University of Science

Win a Daikin air purifier

Enter our competition to win our MC55VB Daikin air purifier worth over £400, giving you and your family the gift of pure, clean air. For your chance to win, just answer this question and complete the online entry form: What is the name of the Daikin technology that removes 99.9% of the coronavirus?

Did you know Daikin is also the UK’s heat pump specialist?

Daikin’s award-winning range of heat pumps provides an eco-friendly heating solution that’s better for the planet, and your pocket. Quite simply, heat pumps are the future of home heating.

Better for your pocket, better for the planet

Did you know that a heat pump can save you up to £3,000 in energy bills, compared to a gas boiler? And it will significantly reduce your carbon footprint too. In fact, switching to a heat pump is as good for the environment as ditching your car, or going vegan.

Government incentives to help with costs

Plus, there are some great government incentives to help you offset the initial cost and installation. Both the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) in England and Wales, and the Home Energy Scotland (HES) scheme will give you £7,500 to make the switch to a heat pump.