Energy efficient air conditioning for your home

Energy efficient air conditioning for your home

Discover Daikin cooling solutions with the highest energy efficiency labels on the market. So you benefit from a total solution that provides outstanding comfort, without jeopardising your energy bill.

Award-winning design options for your interior

With so many different types of indoor units and design options, we create a climate that blends in seamlessly with your interior.

Wall mounted air conditioning

Wall mounted

Our wall mounted units are recognised internationally for many reasons, from great value to outstanding design. With so many different options to choose from, you are certain to find the right unit for your home.

Concealed ceiling air conditioning

Concealed ceiling

Concealed ceiling units are ideal for any interior. They are installed discreetly in false ceilings so that only the air vents are visible.

Floor standing air conditioning

Floor standing

Floor standing units provide excellent comfort. Their smooth design and compact size integrate seamlessly with your interior.

Our most popular air conditioners


Daikin Emura

  • Award- winning design for heating and cooling, available in 2 colours: matt crystal white and elegant silver finish
  • Wall mounted unit up to A+++ energy efficiency label 
  • Control from any location with an app (standard)


  • Award-winning design for heating and cooling available in 3 colours: a compact and functional design suitable for all interiors
  • Wall mounted unit: up to A+++ energy efficiency label
  • Control from any location with an app (standard)

Ururu Sarara

  • Premium solution for heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, ventilation and air purification 
  • Wall mounted unit -A+++ energy efficiency label 
  • Control from any location with an app (optional)


  • For heating and cooling
  • Up to A+++ energy efficiency label 
  • Wall mounted and floor standing unit
  • Control from any location with an app and voice control (standard)
Always in control

Always in control

Download the Daikin Online Controller app, connect your Daikin unit to Wi-Fi and control your climate from anywhere. It is that easy.


Flexible configurations work in all homes

Split system

Split system

  • Connects 1 indoor unit to 1 outdoor unit
  • Heats or cools 1 room
  • Easy installation
Multi-split system

Multi-split system

  • Connects up to 5 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit
  • Heats or cools up to 5 different rooms
  • Controls individual rooms

Equipped with our signature inverter technology

Our inverter is an energy saving technology that avoids energy waste in air conditioners by efficiently controlling the motor speed. Rather than expending additional energy by starting and stopping, the inverter adjusts the speed of the motor so that it runs continuously and more efficiently. Our inverter technology reduces your consumption by up to 30%.

Air conditioning equipped with our signature inverter technology

Daikin takes comfort to a whole new level with its Bluevolution range. Using a new refrigerant, R-32, we can improve energy efficiency up to A+++ in both heating and cooling modes.


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