Daikin solutions for renovations and system replacements

Renovate your home with Daikin

What to consider when you are remodelling your home and installing a new heating or cooling solution.


The right solution for your home

Replacing an old gas or oil boiler with a Daikin unit is easy. Our heat pumps and boilers are flexible, and can accommodate a variety of original radiators and piping systems, so that you don't need to worry about replacing everything.


Claim up to £600 cashback when you choose Daikin

Replace your old boiler with an eco-friendly heat pump, and we’ll give you up to £600 cashback too

reduce your environmental impact

An opportunity to reduce your environmental impact

Replacing an old heating, cooling or hot water system is the perfect moment to decrease your environmental impact by choosing an eco-friendly, energy efficient solution. Renewable energy sources, such as the air, ground and solar, are up to 5 times more efficient than traditional energy sources, such as gas, oil and pure electricity. Whether you want a fully sustainable, hybrid or traditional solution, we have a range of solutions that cut your energy costs and benefit the environment.


Invest in your future

When you remodel your home, you are investing in your future. It is important that you select a heating and cooling solution that is equipped for the long run. Our climate systems are engineered to last. When you buy a Daikin unit, you are buying for your future.

Choosing the right system for you

There are plenty of heating and cooling options for your home. The challenge is finding the perfect fit for your lifestyle and your home. Take time to consider all of your options, because with a Daikin unit, you are making an investment in your future.


Air-to-water high temperature heat pumps

  • For heating, hot water and cooling 
  • Powered by 65% air and 35% electricity 
  • Optional solar support 
  • Connects to existing piping system and high temperature radiators 
  • Ideal for renovations and replacing old boilers

Hybrid heat pumps

  • For heating, hot water and cooling 
  • Powered by an optimal combination of air, electricity and gas depending on seasonal conditions and energy prices 
  • Ideal for renovations and replacing old gas boilers

Gas condensing boilers

  • For heating and hot water 
  • Powered by gas 
  • Optional solar support 
  • Ideal for renovations and replacing old gas boilers