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Created with carbon

The ground-breaking BBC Earth Experience mural

Daikin has commissioned artist Vic Lee to create a thought-provoking mural on the site of the BBC Earth Experience using Air-Ink, a first-of-its-kind ink made from pollution.

The mural highlights how carbon, which can often be invisible, is threatening our health and the planet, whilst creating awareness that 95% of the technology to stop the climate crisis is available today.

The world’s first air pollution ink

Across the UK, our towns, cities and villages are threatened by carbon emissions. It harms our planet, our lungs, and it’s almost never visible. Until now… thanks to the world’s first air pollution ink.

Using the world’s first carbon ink, AIR-INK – made from air pollution – visual artist Vic Lee has made boldly visible that which is often unseen. Through this ink, he has conjured both a rallying cry and a celebration of the small steps we can all take to shape a greener future.

“Working with carbon ink gave me the chance to make art in an even more sustainable way – transforming dangerous pollutants from the air into something beautiful.” 

Vic Lee, Artist

Interview with Michaela Strachan

This short interview explores Daikin’s Power of Now mural and the compelling story behind it. TV Presenter Michaela Strachan and Giulia Kapp from Daikin UK discuss the renewable technologies available to us, and the changes we can all make to reduce our impact on the planet. 

A mural to inspire

Through our sponsorship of BBC Earth Experience, we wanted to create a mural that boldly announced how 95% of the tech to achieve net zero is available right now.

It’s not about some utopian future or magical thinking. The power to change is in our hands today.

This mural uses the art itself to showcase those little changes people and businesses can make to save energy. It might be installing a low-carbon heat pump, switching off lights, insulating your house. But whether at work or at home, we can all make a difference together and right now.


Challenging the climate crisis

Carbon emissions are harming our planet and risking our future, making net zero a necessity. At Daikin, we’ve committed to a 30% reduction in our carbon emissions by 2025 and have installed one million low-carbon heat pumps across Europe. 

We wanted to create a mural that would show everyone that the power to challenge the climate crisis is in our collective hands right now.


Leading the heat-pump revolution

Daikin is fully behind the decarbonisation of the heating market. We’re not just committed to the future of home comfort: we’re committed to the future of our planet. And we’re doing everything we can to make a positive change.

By choosing our innovative heat pump technology, you’ll be at the forefront of the UK’s renewable heat movement.

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