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Make it your own

Daikin's designer climate control: Built to blend in, so your style stands out

You shouldn’t have to compromise style for the sake of comfort. That’s why Daikin offers sleek, understated climate control solutions – ideal for high-end residential projects.

Cool, modern and completely customisable, our range of indoor units are designed to hide in plain sight. With a variety of minimalist styles and colours, they blend so seamlessly you’ll forget they’re there. And if that’s not enough, they can easily be concealed behind a vent.

Our outdoor systems are quiet and compact with minimal aesthetic and environmental impact thanks to their market-leading efficiency. And with our bespoke wraps, they can be perfectly camouflaged to disappear into any outdoor oasis.


Daikin climate control: looks so good it blends right in

You want a climate control system that blends seamlessly into any indoor or outdoor environment. A solution so sleek and modern it gets lost in your style. Quiet and compact enough to be flawlessly camouflaged or concealed.

Daikin range of understated units are designed with this in mind. Not only can they be customised with bespoke wraps to match an interior or external wall – but they can also be cleverly concealed behind a vent or border for a completely clean look.

Make it sustainable

VRV 5 S-series

Daikin’s mini VRV: make your climate control more climate conscious.

For future-proof homes, you need futureforward solutions. Daikin’s mini VRV system has a comparatively low environmental impact thanks to its market-leading efficiency. It’s also purpose built for R-32 refrigerant which has a lower GWP than standard refrigerants.




Daikin Emura pleases the eye
and upholds a people-centric
approach – with a strong
focus on comfort and user
experience – to improve
your well-being at home. 

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The award-winning wall mounted up to A+++ solution for cooling and heating. Stylish is perfectly at home in any interior thanks to four stylish colour options (white, silver, black, and blackwood) and an elegant design. With its curved corners and thin dimensions, Stylish is the most compact design unit available on the market.

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