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Daikin's Climate Promise

Meeting our responsibility to the planet

In order to meet the UK’s target of net zero by 2050, switching to sustainable energy is critical. That’s why Daikin is leading a heating revolution to help people reduce their carbon footprint. 


Daikin is committed to providing homes, businesses and industries with the most efficient and safe solutions to meet all of our cooling and heating needs, today and in the future.


Quite simply, our products help people reduce their carbon footprint and their personal impact on the environment. Together we can be part of the climate solution.


Daikin UK has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by at least 5% in 2023 and is targeting an even higher reduction of 12% this year with a 10 point action plan. Download details of Daikin's Sustainability Action plan now.

Forests for the Air

Daikin’s ‘Forests for the Air’ project seeks to conserve and nurture forests in seven locations around the world. Our goal over the project’s 10-year period is to preserve valuable forests covering 11 million hectares. And by conserving this precious resource, we can contribute to cutting 7 million tons of CO2 emissions.

Why forests? Forests are ‘nature’s air conditioners’ as they contribute to controlling the planet’s temperature as well as nourishing the air. They play an invaluable role in combating climate change. By preserving and restoring our world’s largest native forests, we can help to reduce greenhouse gases and address biodiversity loss.

‘Forests for the Air’ isn’t just about reforestation. We’re also providing support for the communities in these locations to make their living in a sustainable manner. Across all seven locations – Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, India, Liberia and Brazil – we’re helping to manage these ecosystems sustainably, contributing to the prosperity and well-being of future generations. 

Our forests play a critical role for life on our planet. Let’s not take them for granted. 

Discover the power of now

Daikin has commissioned artist Vic Lee to create a thought-provoking mural on the site of the BBC Earth Experience using Air-Ink, a first-of-its-kind ink made from pollution. The mural highlights how carbon, which can often be invisible, is threatening our health and the planet, whilst creating awareness that 95% of the technology to stop the climate crisis is available today.

Daikin’s steps towards a carbon-neutral future

Daikin recognises that we have a major social responsibility to the natural environment. 

We have made it our challenge to achieve carbon neutrality.

1. Carbon neutral at every step

We aim to achieve a carbon-neutral society across our entire value chain. This covers not only product development and production, but also the impact of our product use. And also what happens to our systems at the end of life. 

2. Reducing electricity consumption

Alongside minimising CO2 emissions from our business operations, we’re focusing on reducing electricity consumption during usage. We’re making it our mission to lead the industry towards a greener future.

3. Pioneering improved refrigerants

We’re working hard to mitigate the impact of refrigerants, by pioneering the use of improved refrigerants and developing next generation solutions to reduce global warming even further. We’re also recycling refrigerants currently in use. 

4. Leading the heat-pump revolution

Daikin is fully behind the decarbonisation of the heating market. We’re investing heavily to promote the transition from combustion heating to heat pumps that use heat in the air. To put it simply, heat pumps are the future of heating.


Eco-friendly heating that’s better for the planet– and your pocket

Funding your change to an energy-efficient heat pump? Find out more about the different incentives on offer, and how to make your eco-friendly home even more affordable.

About Daikin ("Dye-Kin")

Daikin UK  is an eco-heating technology brand, leading the industry in providing innovative indoor climate management solutions to reduce environmental impact.  With almost 100 years of history, Daikin launched the Altherma range in Europe in 2006 and continues to help homeowners to reduce their personal carbon footprint. Our innovative products and solutions are designed to improve people’s health and well-being and reduce the environmental impact of heating and cooling. By 2050 Daikin aims to be carbon neutral throughout the full value chain and the full life cycle of its products and solutions. 

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