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Register your Daikin product on Stand By Me for lasting peace of mind and expertise on hand, whenever you need it.


Give your Daikin product the care it deserves with one of our tailored maintenance packages. Save money, extend the product's lifetime and enjoy lasting peace of mind.

Stand By Me

Everything you need to know about your Daikin products and our exceptional aftercare service options in one easy-to-access platform. You'll have our experts by your side for years to come.

Apps & connectivity

Our unique apps and platforms are designed to guide you at every step of your journey with Daikin. Control your devices, organise your aftercare and get support when you need it, all at the touch of a button.

Technical support

Daikin products are built to the highest standards, but if you need help further down the line, our expert service technicians are always there for you. On-site repairs are available across all our product ranges.

Our Sustainable Home Network

Our network of trusted, Sustinable Home specialists sets the standard for professional and reliable installation services that exceed customer expectations.

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More information

Yes. If your installer provides maintenance, you can continue using them for the maintenance of your unit.

When you buy a unit from Daikin, your installer will propose a maintenance contract. Your installer has 18 months the time to offer you this maintenance contract. In case he doesn't in that period, you can go via our Stand By Me platform and purchase a maintenance contract from Daikin.

We suggest you contact your Daikin installer for any type of intervention you'd like to have. If they don't offer it, contact your local Daikin office for more information.

By registering your unit, you can access information about your product and keep your warranty and service partner details online. We are constantly striving to improve the services that the Stand By Me platform provides to our customers. We need your contact information and some information about your product to provide high-quality support and better communication between you and your service partner.

If you’re on an Apple device, go to the App Store or tap the Google Play icon if you’re on Android. Simply tap 'search' and type Onecta to find the app, then tap on the icon to download it to your device. Once it’s installed, open the Onecta app and you’re good to go.

You can register your product by using the registration button on the Stand By Me website. This opens a pop-up screen where you can enter an email address and password for your new account, then fill in your remaining details on the following screens.

Once this is done, a validation email will be sent to your account. When you have validated your email address by clicking the link in the email, you will be redirected to Stand By Me to start your installation registration.

If you use a social login option (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) there is no need to validate your email address, but you will need to login once you have completed the registration flow in the pop-up screens.

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