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National Solutions Centre

At our National Solutions Centre, we meet the increased demand for high quality, tailored solutions to enhance a wide range of customers' projects.

At our brand new National Solutions Centre in Thornbury, Bristol, Daikin UK is pleased to offer tailored and bespoke solutions across Split and Sky Air, VRV and Altherma product ranges, as well as customised accessories and controllers to enhance and improve system performance. The experts that work in our National Solutions Centre offer a wealth of experience in unit modification and made-to-order solutions for customers across the whole of the UK, which is why we have seen an increase in demand for bespoke solutions.

Our innovative solutions have been created with ease of installation and optimising end user experience in mind, from vinyl condenser wraps to strip and rebuild of VRV systems. Daikin UK is committed to working with you to tailor the systems and solutions we offer to your exact requirements.  These modification maintain the units CE marking.

To discuss your requirements for tailored solutions from our National Solutions Centre, please contact your Daikin Sales Engineer.

Innovative Solutions

Our innovative solutions have been created with ease of installation and optimising end user experience in mind, from vinyl condenser wraps to strip and rebuild of VRV systems. Daikin UK is committed to working with you to tailor the systems and solutions we offer to your exact requirements.


Daikin condenser wrapping service

Daikin UK’s condenser wrapping service is a unique offering, in which bespoke patterned vinyl wraps are applied to outdoor condenser units. Vinyl wraps are a popular choice for disguising the look of an outdoor unit or to make it a feature.

Care is always taken during the wrapping process to ensure unit performance and access is maintained. Quality of workmanship in removing panels, wrapping, then replacing means that wrapping integrity will be maintained through the warranty period. Based on customer photographs, a high quality printed vinyl wrap with laminate cover will be carefully applied to the unit. This will then be delivered to the customer site from the National Solutions Centre.

The lead time for wrapping is 2-3 weeks from receipt of photo.

Strip & rebuild

Our strip and rebuild service helps to make transportation and lifting of VRV Condenser units more manageable by breaking them down into smaller components.

The integrity of the technology is of utmost importance, so great care is taken when Daikin engineers strip down the unit at the National Solutions Centre. Components are packaged securely and delivered kerb side onsite. The varying components are liftedand moved into placed and Daikin engineers then attend site to rebuild, pressure test, vacuum and finally charge the unit with refrigerant ready for commissioning.

Benefits of the strip and rebuild service include:

  • Removes the need for crane lifts
  • Decreases the space required to transport the condenser through a building
  • Lowers the cost of installation

The service is available for all VRV systems and there is a 3 week lead time for this service.

Painted units

Customers sometimes require visible units to be less obtrusive, whether for aesthetic or planning reasons. Daikin UK offers a customisation service, during which we can repaint our units to any specified RAL or BS finish or from an agreed sample. Our repainting service is managed from the National Solutions Centre and includes removing base paint to give a uniform, long lasting and professional finish. We have repainted fan coils, decoration panels, BS boxes and all types of condensers for a number of clients.

The lead time for bespoke painted units can be between 2-3 weeks.

Blygold treatment

Additional heat exchanger corrosion resistance

Daikin UK offers Blygold Treatment on all outdoor heat exchangers where the unit will be exposed to the following outdoor conditions:

  • Coastal areas, due to high salt and humidity levels (normally up to 5km inland in the UK)
  • Near agricultural spaces where fertiliser spray is used
  • In areas with high traffic pollution or near industrial buildings that burn fossil fuels

Blygold coats the coils to add an additional level of protection to offer further peace of mind to your customer by prolonging the life of the heat exchanger by up to three times and ultimately maintaining the efficiency of the unit throughout its life.

Indoor unit additions

Casette collars

For use with Roundflow cassettes VRV/SkyAir

Daikin UK now offers bespoke design ceiling cassette collars for use where there is insufficient ceiling void depth to install a traditional cassette.

The latest range of cassette collars have been designed to be robust, durable and easy to install. The steel construction ensures a rigid, self-supporting frame which will not warp, Epoxy coating ensures durability and resistance to chipping during the installation process and installation is easy with no additional fixings required.

The new bespoke cassette collars are compatible with both VRV and Sky Air Compact Roundflow Cassettes, High COP Roundflow Cassettes and are available in three depths: 50mm, 100mm and 150mm.

Weatherproof enclosure – VAMs


Weather proof enclosures for VAM Total Heat Exchangers

VAM units are a convenient way to deliver local fresh air requirements into a space with minimum fuss. Daikin UK offers weatherproofing for VAM units, allowing external installation and greater flexibility to keep indoor air quality at a high level. There are some occasions when VAM units will not fit in a ceiling void and so the weatherproofing options allow VAM units to be installed on a roof and then ducted into the space requiring fresh air, so more properties can benefit from improved indoor air quality. These enclosures are fitted to the VAM units by our National Solutions Centre so they arrive on site ready for you to connect to the ductwork.

The enclosures are rated to IP44 to prevent ingress of the British weather from interfering with the operation of the unit. Please note that pre-heaters cannot be used with the enclosures. Lead time for weatherproofing VAM units is up to six weeks. Weatherproofing is available for all J and FC series units, but not the VKM range.

National Solutions Centre
National Solutions Centre
National Solutions Centre

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