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Grange Farm

Heat pumps temper indoor conditions for upmarket rural homes

Three high-end homes, newly built in a former farmyard near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, feature Daikin Altherma monobloc heat pumps to provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

The houses are also early adopters of Daikin Altherma wall and floor mounted heat pump convectors to warm or cool the interiors. The ground floors have underfloor heating, also driven by the heat pumps.

The Daikin systems were installed by Stamford-based J Wilson Plumbing and Heating. Owner Justin Wilson says:

“Our customers are looking for cost-efficient ways to stay warm in winter – and given the higher temperatures of recent summers there is also increasing interest in systems that can counter extremes at both ends of the thermometer.

“The systems installed at Great Raveley not only fit this requirement, but will also provide economical comfort for many years to come.”

The heat pump convector units indoors are quietly fan-assisted to improve the transfer of heat from water to air – or the opposite in summer. Each unit can be controlled separately.

Daikin heat pump convectors are optimised for new build houses and are available in three models. In addition to the types installed at Great Raveley, Daikin also offers a concealed model for wall mounting. All three types are extremely quiet. They incorporate the latest technologies to reduce electricity consumption: on standby they consume as little as 3W.

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