Daikin Service. As an expert in climate systems, Daikin is happy to help you to operate your installations under optimal conditions.​

Daikin Service

As a leader in climate control, we offer a range of several support services to ensure your system continues to maintain its high performance throughout its lifetime.

What we offer

Creating the perfect indoor climate is about achieving year-round comfort, energy efficiency, reliability and control. At Daikin, we offer a selection of support and maintenance services to ensure your system achieves optimal performance throughout its lifetime.

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Service with Confidence

For your next air-conditioning installation, choose confidence for you and your customers. Our two tiers of Service with Confidence cover offer your customers tailored benefits to suit them and you.

It’s your opportunity to build a strong ongoing partnership with every client, long into the future.

That’s Service with Confidence. 


Reclaim with Confidence

Reclaim with Confidence makes it quick, easy and cost effective to recover refrigerant according to best practice. There’s no need to rent cylinders or produce waste consignment notes as everything is done for you. 

It’s great for your clients too because it minimises system downtime and helps to maintain business as usual, ensuring customer satisfaction at all time. Plus when you Reclaim with Confidence, you can be sure that the refrigerant is recovered and reclaimed to AHRI700 standard for future use in the market.

An optimed installation with minimised running costs

With our support, a well-maintained installation achieves:

Higher energy efficiency

A longer life cycle

Compliance with the latest legal and regulatory requirements

Daikin | supplier and service provider

Supplier and service provider

From selecting the right climate solution to starting up, monitoring and maintaining it, Daikin is ready to support you through every step of the process. Even if you do not have a Daikin installation, you can still benefit from Daikin services provided by our helpdesk staff, and our team of qualified specialists and service engineers.