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Software tools and apps

Air conditioning software tools

VRV Xpress

VRV Xpress is a software engineering tool allowing quick or very detailed VRV system designs to be produced for every design stage.

  • Select indoor units and connect to outdoor units
  • Automatic generation of piping diagram with joints
  • Automatic generation of wiring diagram
  • Select possible centralised control systems
  • Visualise result in MS Word, MS Excel and AutoCAD

Ventilation Xpress

Selection tool for ventilation devices (VAM, VKM). The selection is based on given supply/extract airflows (including fresh up), and given ESP of the supply/extract ducting:

  • Determines size of electrical heaters
  • Visualisation of psychrometric chart
  • Visualisation of selected configuration
  • Required field settings mentioned in the report

Enhanced Capital Allowance 

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme provides businesses with enhanced tax relief for investment in energy-saving equipment that meets specified Government criteria. 

Daikin UK offers web resources to help you browse Daikin systems that are on the ETL and select VRV, Split and Sky Air products that meet the ECA requirements.

Supporting tools

Building Information Modelling (BIM) support

  • BIM is improving efficiency in the design and built phase
  • Daikin is among the first to supply a full library of BIM objects for its VRV products

Ecodesign Directive and Energy Labels

The Ecodesign Directive defines the minimum standards for the environmental characteristics of heaters, water heaters and combi appliances.

Daikin helps you to meet your obligations regarding the Ecodesign Directive and energy labelling.

Heating software

Heating Solutions Navigator

The Heating Solutions Navigator is a versatile toolkit on Stand By Me, which brings together all the tools required to complete the design and selection of a system, including heat loss calculations, product specifications and schematics, energy labels, sound pressure information and RHI calculations. To access this Navigator, as well as register end user warranties and set up remote monitoring services, please register for a Stand By Me account.

Altherma selection software

This web-based tool will help you to choose the correct capacity heat pump to provide 100% capacity at the MCS Design Temperature

Software finder

To discover all the software tools available, visit the Software Finder on the My Daikin business portal.

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