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Cold draughts

Nobody wants to spend their time in a draughty building. And there’s often a misconception that homes or businesses with air-conditioning systems in place will always have cold draughts, causing a constant chill.

This might be the case with incorrectly fitted or poorly designed units, but with the right technology and expert installation, it doesn’t need to be. 


Preventing draughts caused by air conditioning

The most likely culprit for a cold draught is the location of your indoor air-conditioning unit. Installing the unit at the correct height and position can make a huge difference to your indoor climate. 

At the design stage, our manufacturing teams work under the assumption of an average ceiling height – often between 2.70 and 3.50 metres. When cooler air is dispersed from this height, it will mix with the ambient air that’s already present in the room before reaching people who are occupying the room. This results in cooler air temperature, without a noticeable ‘breeze’. Another measure we take at the design stage is our units’ air distribution pattern, with a flow that’s designed for optimum comfort to those in any room with air conditioning.


Installing air conditioning for comfort

Occasionally, air conditioning is needed in an environment which doesn’t meet the typical standards our units are designed for, i.e. a room with higher or lower ceilings than average. In these cases, a quality air-conditioning system can be ‘tuned’ to compensate.

Unit location, as well as ceiling height and shape, has a major influence on potential draughts. Cold air has a tendency to cling to the ceiling for a period of time before it will descend. This is known as the ‘Coanda effect’, and in the case of air conditioning it helps cold and ambient air to mix before dropping down into the room.

If there are any barriers to air flow, such as ceiling beams, large lighting fixtures or even other air-conditioning units, this can cause interruption to your system’s air flow. In this case, cold air might collide with your ceiling beam and will sink immediately – causing uncomfortably low temperatures for anyone seated below it. Similarly, two air-conditioning units located in close proximity will generate a cold air flow collision to the same effect.

This is why you should always choose an experienced air-conditioning technician to install your air-conditioning systems, whether at home or in the workplace, to ensure long-term comfort and satisfaction with your system.

Fresher, cleaner air with Daikin

At Daikin, we’ve been developing trusted air-conditioning units for decades, bringing complete comfort to homes and businesses across Europe. Our award-winning units have been designed to blend in seamlessly with any environment, with near-silent operation and intelligent sensing technologies offering unrivalled heating and cooling abilities. 

Take a look at our range of air-conditioning units to find out more, or feel free to get in touch with a Daikin expert today and we’ll be happy to answer to any of your questions.

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