What about legionella?

If you’ve heard of Legionnaires’ disease, you may have concerns around whether your hot and cold water systems could be harbouring the harmful bacteria which causes it. In most cases there’s no need to worry, but here’s everything you need to know.

What is legionella?

Legionella bacteria is a natural inhabitant of water and is commonly found in many water supplies – everything from ponds and lakes to cooling towers and spa pools. 

While it’s not nice to think about, it’s completely ordinary, and in most cases these bacteria aren’t harmful. Legionella is dormant in temperatures below 20°C, and doesn’t survive temperatures above 60°C. However, the bacteria can thrive and multiply to dangerous levels in water temperatures between 20 and 45°C. 


What is Legionnaires’ disease?

When legionella bacteria begin to colonise in these warmer temperatures, the affected water has the potential to cause Legionnaires’ disease. 

This is a serious type of pneumonia caused by inhaling legionella bacteria via airborne water droplets – such as steam or vapour – and can lead to severe illness or even death.

It’s a particular concern in hot and cold water outlets – including those in domestic or industrial water systems, and even air-conditioning units. So it’s important that showers, cooling towers and hot water systems, for example, are maintained at the right conditions to prevent legionella from multiplying. 

The flu-like symptoms of the disease include a cough, shortness of breath, fever, muscle aches and headaches. While anyone can develop Legionnaires’, for more vulnerable people such as the elderly, children, smokers and those with cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory or kidney disease, there’s a higher risk of severe illness or even death.

Preventing Legionnaires’ disease with the Daikin Fresh Water Principle

At Daikin, we don’t use water in our air-conditioning systems, and the low temperature of water in our closed-circuit chilled water systems means there’s no risk of Legionnaires’ disease to any member of your home or workplace. 

All Daikin systems that produce domestic hot water are equipped with an anti-legionella tank. Unlike other large volume tanks, the structure of our anti-legionella system ensures optimum water hygiene is maintained at all times, featuring a weekly disinfection cycle that prevents bacteria build up in stored water – as well as the deposit of sludge, rust and sediments.

So, if you want complete peace of mind, and that absolute fresh water feeling, take a look at our ECH20 thermal store

Unlike traditional hot water heaters, the ECH20 thermal store instantly heats water passing through the tank. This process avoids prolonged water storage, and significantly increases the safety and quality of your hot water. Equipped with an anti-legionella thermal store, our ECH20 domestic hot water heat pump ensures you always have hot water that is fresh and healthy.



Take a look at our ECH20 thermal store

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