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What is inverter technology?

You can find inverter technology in many modern-day fixtures: they’re found in fridge-freezers, and in microwave ovens. And, if you’re searching for a high-performance air-conditioning unit, you’ll find inverter technology there too.

What is an inverter?

An inverter is a device which controls the electric voltage, current and frequency of a device. While you can find them in other technologies, they’re key to air-conditioning systems.

To explain an inverter’s function in a quality air-conditioning unit, we’ll first look at how technology without an inverter operates.

Why do air conditioners use inverter technology?

Non-inverter air-conditioners have a fixed cooling and heating capacity – i.e. the compressor inside them only has one set operational mode, and can’t be adjusted. This means the unit can only control your indoor temperature by stopping and starting repeatedly.

While power consumption goes down when the unit’s operation stops, it rises sharply whenever the unit restarts, leading to a peak in current consumption. Those peaks are so high, that the average power consumption for the unit ends up being high – making non-inverter air-conditioners inefficient and expensive to run. 

Additionally, the lack of control over the device’s output means there are often large temperature variations, leading to uncomfortable fluctuations for those occupying the room. 

Inverter air-conditioners are different. 
An inverter creates the ability for regulated cooling and heating capacity by altering the speed of the unit’s compressor – so instead of either being on or off, the compressor can be modulated. 

Inverter air-conditioners can control the speed of the motor (and therefore the compressor), eliminating stop-start cycles and saving on energy consumption. Once the unit has cooled (or heated) the room to its desired temperature, it will simply maintain it by using in-built precision temperature control. 


Why choose an air-conditioning unit with inverter technology?

Not only does an inverter type air-conditioner operate with increased efficiency, for reduced power usage and cheaper energy bills, it can extend the life of the unit’s components, and eliminate peaks in demand on the power supply. 

To put it simply, if a non-inverter air-conditioner is like a lamp which can be switched on and off, an inverter air-conditioner is a light with a dimmer switch, and will automatically adjust its brightness for the time of day. 


The advantages of an air conditioner with inverter technology:

  • Your room will reach its desired temperature much quicker and more efficiently than its non-inverter counterparts
  • It’s three times quicker to start up than a non-inverter unit, for a more comfortable room in minutes
  • You’ll save energy and money, too, with 30% less power consumption 
  • Avoid voltage peaks with a regulated compressor 
  • Designed for optimum comfort, with a regulated temperature – no peaks, no uncomfortable draughts

Complete home comfort with Daikin

When choosing an air-conditioning system for your home or business, you’re making a decision that will improve comfort for everyone. At Daikin, we have a number of options available to choose from, so you can make the right choice for your needs and lifestyle.

We’ve been developing trusted air-conditioning units for decades, bringing complete comfort to homes and businesses across Europe. Our award-winning units blend seamlessly into your environment, with multiple design options available, so you can find your perfect fit. 

Explore our range, or contact us for the answers to your questions.

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