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Daikin UK expands bluevolution with new Sky Air range


Daikin UK has expanded its Bluevolution air conditioning portfolio with the launch of its new R32-based, Sky Air A-series range at the Daikin UK Partner Event.

Consisting of the Sky Air Alpha, Advance and Active-series, the new units offer an easy and quick installation as well as superior energy efficiency and reduced running costs for end users.  

Following the successful launch of the first commercial R32 air conditioning range in 2016, Daikin UK has expanded its portfolio using the energy efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant.

An extremely flexible range, the new Sky Air A-series ensures an easy onsite installation, as the units are considerably lighter than their predecessors with longer pipe runs. The efficiency of the installation process is further improved by the inclusion of pre-charged pipe runs, which also reduces the need for installers to purchase additional gas for runs shorter than 40m.

The entire Sky Air range incorporates an opening front plate, enabling quicker and more convenient access to vital service components. Further reducing time onsite, the range also features an integrated leak check function, which creates intelligent reports onsite. This unique feature significantly increases the speed and safety of system maintenance.

Ideal for light commercial applications including restaurants, retail stores and small offices, the Sky Air A-series offers quiet operation - with the Alpha unit being the quietest on the market operating at 46dB(A) - minimising disruption and creating a comfortable work and leisure environment.

The Sky Air A-series is compatible with the Daikin online controller. Accessed via a tablet or mobile device, the system provides end-clients with intuitive control of the units, allowing a real-time response to changes made both onsite and offsite.

Featuring the proven benefits of Daikin Variable Refrigerant Technology (VRT), the Sky Air A-series automatically adjusts the refrigerant temperature to meet the required demand. Improving the system efficiency, VRT ensures that the system always operates at its optimum efficiency.

Speaking at the Daikin UK Partner Event, Martin Passingham, Product Manager for DX at Daikin UK said: “By expanding our Bluevolution range, we are further defining our position as pioneers of R32.

“The new Sky Air A-series has Daikin innovation at the heart of each system. With a highly efficient swing compressor designed and manufactured specifically for use with R32 refrigerant, the new series offers improved efficiency and significantly reduced risks of leaks. A future proof solution to the F-Gas phase down, the Sky Air A-series offers end users improved energy efficiency, durability and environmental credentials.”

For more information on Daikin’s Sky Air A-series please visit and follow @DaikinUK on Twitter


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