Leading commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions

Our refrigeration units are engineered for reliability and energy efficiency for all types of small and large commercial applications.

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Energy efficiency

Our heat recovery and inverter technologies significantly reduce your energy costs. Considered best-in-class solutions for commercial refrigeration, Daikin refrigeration units are up to 50% more energy efficient than other units. This high efficiency results in a high return on your investment.

Refrigeration compact design

Compact Design

Reduce your outdoor installation’s footprint up to 60%, by integrating all of your refrigeration and air conditioning components into a single packaged condensing unit.

Refrigeration durable product

Durable Product

Daikin’s outdoor units are rigorously tested in our factories. Their weather resistant housing and reliable technology guarantees longer product lifetimes, even in severe weather conditions.

Refrigeration flexible application

Flexible Application

Able to accommodate a large temperature range from 10°C to -45°C. Due to this they are suitable for many different refrigeration and freezer applications!

Reliable Operation

Each Daikin unit is rigorously tested in our factories throughout its assembly. With leading technologies and designs, our refrigeration units are considered the most durable solution on the market. Anti-corrosion treatments and resistant casing ensure a long life, even in severe weather conditions. Because refrigeration systems are essential to business, we staff comprehensive service support teams who are available to respond immediately to any emergency.

Daikin Operator
Daikin Fresh Air

Meet and surpass F-gas regulations

Daikin refrigeration units satisfy the latest F-Gas regulation targets. By incorporating advanced technologies, our refrigeration units reduce their Total Equivalent Warming Impact (TEWI) to achieve higher energy efficiency and a lower carbon footprint.


Our most popular refrigeration solutions

ZEAS Condensing Unit

ZEAS condensing unit

  • For commercial refrigeration
  • DC inverter condensing unit 
  • Reduces energy consumption by 10-35% compared to non-inverter refrigeration technologies 
  • Small footprint and easy to install indoors and outdoors
  • Intelligent control options 
  • Improved technologies and settings achieve quiet operation
Daikin Conveni Pack


  • For small and large commercial chilling, freezing, comfort cooling and comfort heating 
  • DC inverter and heat recovery technology 
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 50% compared to non-inverter technologies 
  • Modular design allows for flexible installation in small and large commercial spaces 
  • Improved technologies and settings achieve quiet operation

Refrigeration for each building type

Whether you're a shopkeeper, hotel manager or run an industrial facility, our Daikin refrigeration solutions will keep your space cool. Begin your project with us by selecting your building type.


Hubbard Products Limited

Daikin refrigeration sales and after sales support has transferred to Hubbard Products Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin with a global reputation for innovation and excellence in static and transport refrigeration solutions. 

Contact details are available on the My Daikin business portal in the Sales and Orders section.