The key to sustainable social housing

Heat pumps: The key to sustainable housing

Revolutionise the energy efficiency of your housing stock and reduce tenants’ and home buyers' fuel bills by partnering with Daikin UK

Residential solutions comfort


When you are striving to future-proof your housing stock and combat fuel poverty, renewable energy – especially for heating – cannot be overlooked in the quest for truly sustainable and affordable housing.

residential solutions energy saving

Energy savings

Our energy efficient technologies save householders energy and money.

  • Use renewable energy sources, such as the air, sun, water or ground, to reduce carbon footprint 
  • Energy management tools allow you to optimise energy consumption 
  • Our inverter technology and Bluevolution low global warming potential refrigerant maximise efficiency
Daikin residential solutions are reliable


With 60 years of experience, we know how to create reliable climate solutions.

  • Certified Daikin Installers guarantee top service 
  • Continuous testing throughout the production process ensures our zero-defect policy 
  • Our European Development Centre leads the market in developing climate control technologies

Stylish: available in 4 colours - white, silver, black and blackwood

Multi Split


Connect up to 5 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit.


Indoor Air Quality, a Daikin experience

Indoor Air Quality is a new point of view when it comes to the quality of your breathing.

Heating, cooling and hot water

Let us help you find the perfect system that provides heating, cooling and hot water for your home.

Air conditioning

We offer the widest range of air conditioning solutions to cool or heat your home with maximum efficiency.

Air purification

Our high-end air purification technologies guarantee that the air in your home is safe and healthy.


We are there for you

A well-maintained HVAC system adds value and continuity. Taking steps to prolong your installation's working life ensures your comfort zone is never disrupted.

The Daikin UK renewable heating team offers everything you need to upgrade heating systems, reduce running costs and carbon emissions from homes:

  • Market-leading, MCS accredited Daikin Altherma heat pump solutions
  • Full range of renewables for new build and refurbishment programmes
  • Advice on designing and selecting high efficiency, low temperature systems
  • Tenant presentations and consultations
  • Guidance on RHI funding applications and advice on RHI metering requirements