Develop your expertise in Indoor Air Quality

Join our Indoor Air Quality webinar on 9th November, 4pm - 5.30pm

Improving indoor air quality is about more than ensuring a supply of fresh air to buildings. It’s a crucial aspect of the overall indoor environment quality - including lighting, dampness, cleanliness, and ventilation - all of which affect building users’ health and wellbeing. So improving indoor air and environment quality are the key to delivering safe and healthy environments in which to work, learn and live.

Join our Indoor Air Quality webinar on 9th November

Join us on 9th November for a webinar where we will be looking at how ventilation can help against the risk of substandard indoor air quality. We'll also be looking at the balance between indoor air quality and building efficiency.

  • Hear from our knowledgeable range of Daikin and guest speakers
  • Exploring new technologies that support indoor air quality 
  • Understand the wider factors influencing overall indoor environment quality
  • Learn about Daikin’s products that improve indoor air quality 

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