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A ‘plug & play’ packaged solution where the outdoor and indoor side are pre-connected.

Rooftop clothing store

Rooftop for Retail & Department Stores

Retail & department stores need challenging design because of limited space and complex building structure, containing different floors and spaces. Daikin rooftops provide the solution:

  • Ductwork can be connected flexibly (front, left, right, bottom) to optimize installation space. 
  • High efficiency EC plug fans are maintenance free, limiting the downtime of the system for maintenance. 
  • Extraction damper and fan ensure there is no overpressure in the building and air circulation is optimised. 
  • High indoor air quality can be guaranteed thanks to integrated fresh air provision and multiple air filtration possibilities.
Warehouse with boxes

Rooftop for Warehouses & Industry

For building managers and engineers, warehouses or industrial applications can pose serious HVAC challenges because of their size and unique design. Daikin rooftops provide the solution:

  • Indoor/outdoor packaged unit and factory charged refrigerant provide cost-effective installation.
  • High ESP up to 800Pa allows extensive ductwork to evenly distribute the air across a large space. 
  • Scroll compressor and free cooling ensure highly efficient 24/7 operation. 
  • Clogged filter alarm indicates when filter needs cleaning, ensuring optimum operation and minimized energy consumption.

Lower CO2 equivalent and market-leading efficiencies

Since the launch of Ururu Sarara in 2013, the world’s first air conditioner to use R-32 refrigerant, we have worked to convert our portfolio to lower GWP refrigerants. The launch of a new rooftop series, a completely newly developed portfolio specifically for R-32 refrigerant, is continuing this evolution.

Bluevolution, CO2 and R-32

Wide range to cover your needs

Made-To-Stock units (MTS)

Rooftop unit visual

48 predefined units readily available from stock

  • Fast delivery
  • 3 versions Base, 2 dampers and 3 dampers
    • Thermodynamic heat recovery available on full FC3 range
  • Extended capacity up to 100 kW!
  • Comes with a wide range of standard integrated features

Made-To-Order units (MTO)

Rooftop visual with rulers

Fully cusomizable units for maximum flexibility

  • Almost infinite configuration possibilities thanks to wide choice of options
  • 4 versions Base, 2 dampers, 3 dampers and 4 dampers
    • Thermodynamic heat recovery available on full FC3 range
    • Premium efficiency plate heat exchanger available on RS4 range
  • Extended capacity up to 100 kW!
  • Comes with a wide range of standard integrated features
  • Easy selection via selection software:

Standard integrated features on all units

190 kW

Increased capacity range up to 190 kW!

  • More flexibility to tackle larger projects with a small footprint


Inverter driven compressors

  • Great year-round seasonal efficiency
  • Available up to 120 kW models

25 mm double skinned panels

  • Ensuring long lasting life and providing good thermal and sound insulation

Full color touch display

  • Intuitive to use
  • Better visualisation of unit parameters
Touch display with colours
Daikin Intelligent Touch Manager

Integrated connectivity

  • Direct integration into Daikin Intelligent Touch Manager BMS (via BACNET protocol)
  • Easy integration in 3rd party BMS systems via Ethernet port (BACnet TCP/IP & Modbus TCP/IP) or 3-cable port (Modbus over RS485)

4 ranges to suit your needs


Rooftop heating ventilation illustration

High installation flexibility and easy servicing

  • ‘Plug and play’ for easy installation​
  • High efficiency​
  • Field convertible return and supply air​
  • Direct integration with Daikin or third party BMS​
  • Factory pre-charged refrigerant​


Rooftop heating ventilation illustration with fresh air

2 damper version, with integrated fresh air

  • Free cooling with 100% fresh air possible
  • Improved air quality 
  • Energy saving using fresh outdoor air to cool the building 
  • Includes all Base model features


Rooftop heating ventilation illustration with fresh air and extraction

3 damper version, with integrated fresh air and extraction

  • Integrated extraction damper eliminates over-pressure
  • Thermodynamic heat recovery, recovering waste heat
  • Includes all FC2 model features


Rooftop heating ventilation illustration with fresh air, extraction plate heat recovery

4 damper version, with integrated fresh air, extraction​and plate heat recovery​

  • Premium efficiency plate heat exchanger, recovering​ waste heat​
  • Bypass damper to allow plate heat exchange or free cooling​
  • Includes all FC3 model features​
  • Only available as Made-To-Order model​

Rooftop selection software

  • Web & cloudbased access to your projects from anywhere, any place,...
  • Platform (Windows, Mac,...) and hardware (laptop, desktop, tablet) independent
  • No need to do local installation or updates

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Daikin’s ‘plug and play’ rooftop system offers sustainable year-round climate control solution for customer showroom​

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