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BBC Earth Experience

Creating the perfect climate for BBC Earth Experience

On 30th March 2023, the BBC Earth Experience opened its doors for the first time. The immersive experience, set within The Daikin Centre, welcomed visitors into an extraordinary space. Filled with giant digital video screens from floor to ceiling, it showcases the natural world in all its spectacular glory. The experience offers visitors an opportunity to visit the seven continents of the world, all within the comfort of one remarkable setting.

As sponsors of the venue, Daikin worked with Moon Eye Productions to create a venue that was suitable for a visitor experience where hundreds of thousands of visitors would be attending. And crucially, one that delivered a perfect indoor climate.  

Three aims: comfort, sustainability and control

The Daikin Centre has been designed by Moon Eye Productions to have the lowest possible carbon footprint. As the sponsor of The Daikin Centre, Daikin was commissioned to install climate control systems throughout the building.

Engineered to minimise environmental impact, our aim was to deliver the highest levels of comfort and healthy indoor air for every visitor, all while ensuring minimal carbon emissions.


There were further considerations to take into account as well. Along with visitor comfort and sustainability, Daikin also needed to ensure a constant temperature for the high-tech screens in use.


“The internal temperature at The Daikin Centre has to be controlled to a very accurate level of only plus or minus a degree or two, no matter what the weather is doing outside. Otherwise, the resolution of the video on the screens is affected, and obviously that’s extremely vital for our show.” Moon Eye Productions

BBC Earth Experience

“Installation from start to finish was about four weeks, due to a very tight completion programme, and we didn’t encounter any issues on installation or commissioning. This has been one of the biggest and most high-profile Daikin projects our company has undertaken.”

Steven Roper, Managing Director

VRV outdoor unit

Two VRV 5 Heat Recovery systems serve the main entrance, the staff room and the two classrooms upstairs, delivering a low-carbon solution to daily comfort levels. VRV 5 systems are designed for maximum flexibility and peace of mind in commercial buildings, providing year-round airconditioned comfort for visitors, staff and systems.


Daikin’s VRV IV+ heat pumps are designed to respond rapidly to changing conditions. They deliver precisely accurate temperature control, ensuring the highly sensitive digital screens in the main auditorium continue to operate perfectly at all times.

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    A completely redesigned controller to create your perfect climate.
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