New home for Scottish heating boss makes strong case for renewables

Bennachie Hills, Aberdeen

New home for Scottish heating boss makes strong case for renewables

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A remote newbuild family home north of the Scottish Highlands makes a bold expression of support for renewable energy to ensure yearround warmth and hot water. It is also an early adopter of advanced heating technology with one of the first installations of the R32-based Daikin Altherma 3 low temperature Hydrosplit heat pump, which heads a trio of Daikin systems on the site.

The 252m2 three-bedroom house with separate 55m2 one-bedroom flat is built on part of a farm on the edge of a tiny hamlet – some 20 miles inland from Aberdeen. It’s the new home of ClanCool Refrigeration director David Watt and his family, who have moved a few miles from the larger village of Old Rayne.

New home for Scottish heating boss makes strong case for renewables

The outdoor unit features Daikin’s Bluevolution technology, combining high-efficiency compressor technology and R32 refrigerant. The combination of a substantially lower Global Warming Potential and a reduced charge volume of 3.5kg translate to a 75% lower CO2 equivalent rating, compared to earlier R410a systems.

‘‘We install Daikin Altherma heating systems because we get the products we need for our customers. If they are installed and serviced properly, they are never a problem. I can deal with the Daikin team in Glasgow, and if I need it theres always someone I can call to help me.’’

David Watt - ClanCool Refrigeration director and homeowner

Daikin’s elegant Madoka wired controllers

Easyzone units have thermostatically operated motorised dampers that maintain set temperatures by adjusting the flow of air in each of the delivery ducts. The units are controlled via a Blueface controller in conjunction with touchscreen room thermostats and Daikin’s elegant Madoka wired controllers.

The compact hydrobox contains all the hydraulic components – including pump and expansion vessel – needed for serving heating and DHW systems. It also has the main system controls.

For the adjacent apartment, over a triple garage, a 4kW Daikin Altherma Low Temperature outdoor unit serves a wall mounted hydrobox and delivers water at 45oC to the radiators and maintains 55oC in the Daikin 200 litre unvented DHW cylinder. The 55m2 apartment consists of a kitchen-living room, bedroom and shower room with toilet.

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