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VRV IV i-series

The invisible VRV solution.


Keep looking. You'll never find me.

Compact and engineered for indoor installations, our unique VRV IV i-series is so discreet, that it is virtually invisible and ideal for city centres and sensitive sound areas. With no need for rooftop or back alley installations, it is easier to obtain a building permit so that your business is up and running sooner.


Unrivalled flexibility

Split into two parts, our VRV IV i-series is highly flexible and easy to install. Place the lightweight heat exchanger unit (1) in your false ceiling and install the compact compressor unit (2) in a back office, storage room or kitchen. Avoid rooftop and back alley installations, without sacrificing precious commercial space.


Remains unnoticed

Our VRV IV i-series is virtually invisible and its low operating noise makes it virtually undetectable. Suited for densely populated areas, such as city centres, the compressor is no louder than a refrigerator and the heat exchanger is unnoticeable in urban environments. Using decorative elements, you can fully hide the grilles or integrate them within the building design, so that your installation is invisible.


Easy to maintain

All parts which need regular maintenance are easily accessible in the compressor box. Technicians can come check the unit during normal business hours without interfering with your commercial activities.


Service with Confidence

People don’t just choose Daikin VRV units because they’re the hassle-free choice. Or because they offer superior performance. They choose Daikin because these advantages become even greater when the system is backed by our Service with Confidence package.

Certainty may be a rare commodity. But with Daikin air conditioning backed by our Service with Confidence package, you’re choosing certainty for the life of your installation. 

Discover what our Service with Confidence packages could offer you.


Leon's restaurant case

Our VRV IV i-series overcomes space restrictions to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort for a West End restaurant.


    Crédit Agricole case

    Known as "the green bank" due to its agricultural history, Crédit Agricole wanted an energy efficient and low maintenance solution with low noise, due to the close proximity of nearby properties. Discover how our VRV IV i-series was the perfect system for the job.

      Unique, patented technologies

      Our VRV IV i-series is engineered with three unique and patented technologies, in order to make it the most compact unit available on the market.

      v-shaped heat exchanger

      V-shaped heat exchanger

      • Optimised shape for higher airflow and static pressure, which results in higher efficiencies 
      • Its height is only 400mm, which allows for easy installation in false ceilings to save commercial space 
      • Revolutionary design in the VRF market
      centrifugal fan

      Centrifugal fans

      • Patented backward-curved blade technology increases energy efficiency by up to 50% when compared to the sirocco fan 
      • The inverter fan allows ESP to be adjusted to the length of the ductwork which guarantees maximum installation flexibility
      compact compressor

      Compact compressor

      • Small footprint maximises useable floor space (600x550mm for 5HP) 
      • Easily mount the unit in a storage room or back office 
      • The rotating switchbox creates easy access to all parts

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